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Fri 03 Apr
Father + Son + Father + Matriarch (S04E08)CBS 8:00pm
WWE Friday Night SmackDown     
#1076 - WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL (S21E14)FOX 8:00pm
The Blacklist     
Newton Purcell (S07E13)NBC 8:00pm
Hawaii Five-0     
Aloha (S10E22)CBS 9:00pm
Shark Tank     
Episode 18 (S11E18)ABC 9:00pm
Real Time with Bill Maher     
Episode 524 (S18E09)HBO 10:00pm
Blue Bloods     
The Puzzle Palace (S10E17)CBS 10:00pm
Sun 05 Apr
The Wall     
Essence and Valencia (S03E04)NBC 8:00pm
Atlanta's Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children     
Part 1 (S01E01)HBO 8:00pm
India Burning & Russia's Fight Factory (S07E02)Showtime 8:00pm
Academy of Country Music Awards     
ACM Presents: Our Country (S2020ENone)CBS 8:00pm
American Idol     
Hawaii Showcase and Final Judgment Part 2 (S18E10)ABC 8:00pm
The Mother of Exiles (S03E04)HBO 9:00pm
In Full Flight (S08E09)Showtime 9:00pm
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist     
Zoey's Extraordinary Silence (S01E09)NBC 9:00pm
Black Monday     
Violent Crooks and Cooks of Books (S02E05)Showtime 10:00pm
Good Girls     
Nana (S03E08)NBC 10:00pm
The Rookie     
The Overnight (S02E16)ABC 10:00pm
Mon 06 Apr
The Neighborhood     
Welcome to the Jump (S02E19)CBS 8:00pm
The Voice     
The Battles Part 3 (S18E08)NBC 8:00pm
Bob ♥ Abishola     
Angry, Happy, Same Face (S01E19)CBS 8:30pm
The Plot Against America     
Part 4 (S01E04)HBO 9:00pm
All Rise     
In the Fights (S01E19)CBS 9:00pm
Off the Rails (S04E18)CBS 10:00pm
No Exit (S01E07)FX 10:00pm
Icing Conditions (S02E13)NBC 10:00pm
Tue 07 Apr
The Resident     
Burn It All Down (S03E20)FOX 8:00pm
The Conners     
The Icewoman Cometh (S02E17)ABC 8:00pm
Ellen's Game of Games     
I Will Always Love Goo (S03E12)NBC 8:00pm
Bless This Mess     
After-Prom (S02E17)ABC 8:30pm
We Got Us (S06E16)FOX 9:00pm
Bad Boys (S01E20)ABC 9:00pm
A Game Of Chicken (S06E20)ABC 9:30pm
For Life     
Daylight (S01E08)ABC 10:00pm
Wed 08 Apr
The Masked Singer     
The Mother Of All Final Face Offs, Part 1 (S03E11)FOX 8:00pm
Modern Family     
A Modern Farewell (S11ENone)ABC 8:00pm
Chicago Med     
Just a River in Egypt (S05E19)NBC 8:00pm
War is Not Pretty (S40E09)CBS 8:00pm
Modern Family     
Finale Part 1 (S11E17)ABC 9:00pm
SEAL Team     
Drawdown (S03E17)CBS 9:00pm
LEGO Masters     
Star Wars (S01E09)FOX 9:00pm
Chicago Fire     
Light Things Up (S08E19)NBC 9:00pm
Modern Family     
Finale Part 2 (S11E18)ABC 9:30pm
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire     
Episode 1 (S2020E01)ABC 10:00pm
Stigma (S03E18)CBS 10:00pm
Chicago P.D.     
Buried Secrets (S07E19)NBC 10:00pm
Thu 09 Apr
Station 19     
I'll Be Seeing You (S03E12)ABC 8:00pm
California Part 1 (S05E21)NBC 8:00pm
Last Man Standing     
Garage Band (S08E18)FOX 8:00pm
Man With a Plan     
Adam's Big Little Lie (S04E02)CBS 8:30pm
Brooklyn Nine-Nine     
Valloweaster (S07E11)NBC 8:30pm
Grey's Anatomy     
Put on a Happy Face (S16E21)ABC 9:00pm
Will & Grace     
We Love Lucy (S11E16)NBC 9:00pm
Jobs (S01E02)CBS 9:30pm
Everybody's Talking About Baby Boy Klein (S01E11)NBC 9:30pm
Better Things     
High Man. Bye Man. (S04E07)FX 10:00pm
How to Get Away with Murder     
The Reckoning (S06E11)ABC 10:00pm
The Swatting Game (S01E08)CBS 10:00pm
Fri 10 Apr
Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis (S04E09)CBS 8:00pm
WWE Friday Night SmackDown     
#1077 - WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL (S21E15)FOX 8:00pm
The Blacklist     
Twamie Ullulaq (S07E14)NBC 8:00pm
Magnum P.I.     
Say Hello to Your Past (S02E15)CBS 9:00pm
Shark Tank     
Episode 19 (S11E19)ABC 9:00pm
Blue Bloods     
Hide in Plain Sight (S10E18)CBS 10:00pm
Sun 12 Apr
American Idol     
This Is Me, Part 1 (S18E11)ABC 8:00pm
God Friended Me     
The Fugitive (S02E19)CBS 8:00pm
Atlanta's Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children     
Part 2 (S01E02)HBO 8:00pm
Genre (S03E05)HBO 9:00pm
Designated Driver (S08E10)Showtime 9:00pm
NCIS: Los Angeles     
Knock Down (S11E20)CBS 9:00pm
Lowkey Feelin' Myself (S04E01)HBO 10:00pm
Black Monday     
Arthur Ponzarelli (S02E06)Showtime 10:00pm
Good Girls     
Episode 9 (S03E09)NBC 10:00pm
NCIS: New Orleans     
Monolith (S06E19)CBS 10:00pm
The Rookie     
Control (S02E17)ABC 10:00pm
Run (S01E01)HBO 10:30pm
Mon 13 Apr
The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart     
Episode 1 (S01E01)ABC 8:00pm
The Neighborhood     
Welcome To The Standoff (S02E20)CBS 8:00pm
The Taking of Dispatch 9-1-1 (S03E14)FOX 8:00pm
Bob ♥ Abishola     
Randy's A Wrangler (S01E20)CBS 8:30pm
The Plot Against America     
Part 5 (S01E05)HBO 9:00pm
All Rise     
Merrily We Ride Along (S01E20)CBS 9:00pm
The Baker and the Beauty     
Episode 1 (S01E01)ABC 10:00pm
Episode 1 (S02E01)NBC 10:00pm
No Honeymoon (S01E08)FX 10:00pm
The Sovereigns (S04E19)CBS 10:00pm