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Sun 05 Feb
Grammy Awards     
The 65th Annual Grammy Awards (S2023E01)CBS 8:00pm
The Last of Us     
Please Hold on to My Hand (S01E04)HBO 9:00pm
Mon 06 Feb
Fantasy Island     
The Urn (S02E05)FOX 8:00pm
The Neighborhood     
Welcome to the Bachelor Party (S05E12)CBS 8:00pm
The Bachelor     
Week 3 (S27E03)ABC 8:00pm
America's Got Talent: All-Stars     
Auditions 6 (S01E06)NBC 8:00pm
Bob ♥ Abishola     
My Successful Lawyer Son (S04E12)CBS 8:30pm
Evil Eye (S20E13)CBS 9:00pm
Alert: Missing Persons Unit     
Tim and Amy (S01E06)FOX 9:00pm
NCIS: Hawai'i     
Misplaced Targets (S02E13)CBS 10:00pm
Quantum Leap     
Let Them Play (S01E12)NBC 10:00pm
The Good Doctor     
365 Degrees (S06E12)ABC 10:00pm
Tue 07 Feb
9-1-1: Lone Star     
Cry Wolf (S04E03)FOX 8:00pm
Night Court     
The Apartment (S01E05)NBC 8:00pm
American Auto     
Celebrity (S02E03)NBC 8:30pm
Wed 08 Feb
Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials     
2023 (S23E01)CBS 8:00pm
The Conners     
New Pipes and Old Secrets (S05E13)ABC 8:00pm
Name That Tune     
Bring The Funny (S03E05)FOX 8:00pm
Not Dead Yet     
Pilot (S01E01)ABC 8:30pm
Episode 5 (S01E05)CBS 9:00pm
Abbott Elementary     
Valentine's Day (S02E14)ABC 9:00pm
Special Forces: World's Toughest Test     
Resilience (S01E07)FOX 9:00pm
Not Dead Yet     
Not A Tiger Yet (S01E02)ABC 9:31pm
A Million Little Things     
The Last Dance (S05E01)ABC 10:00pm
Tough As Nails     
Skills to Pay the Bills (S04E07)CBS 10:00pm
Thu 09 Feb
Young Sheldon     
A Baby Shower and a Testosterone-Rich Banter (S06E12)CBS 8:00pm
Hell's Kitchen     
A Finale for the Ages, Part 1 (S21E15)FOX 8:00pm
The Parent Test     
The Semi-Finals Begin (S01E07)ABC 8:00pm
Trevor's Body (S02E14)CBS 8:31pm
So Help Me Todd     
Wall of Fire (S01E13)CBS 9:00pm
The Parent Test     
Limits & Boundaries (S01E08)ABC 9:00pm
Hell's Kitchen     
A Finale for the Ages, Part 2 (S21E16)FOX 9:00pm
CSI: Vegas     
Boned (S02E13)CBS 10:00pm
The Chase     
I Came, I Buzzsaw, I Conquered (S03E15)ABC 10:00pm
Fri 10 Feb
WWE Friday Night SmackDown     
#1223 - Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT (S24E06)FOX 8:00pm
Lion's Share (S06E13)CBS 8:00pm
Lopez vs. Lopez     
Lopez vs Neighbors (S01E11)NBC 8:00pm
Young Rock     
Know Your Role (S03E11)NBC 8:30pm
Fire Country     
A Fair to Remember (S01E14)CBS 9:00pm
Blue Bloods     
Past History (S13E13)CBS 10:00pm
Real Time with Bill Maher     
Episode 4 (S21E04)HBO 10:00pm
Sun 12 Feb
The Last of Us     
Endure and Survive (S01E05)HBO 9:00pm
Next Level Chef     
Premiere (S02E01)FOX 10:30pm
Mon 13 Feb
Fantasy Island     
Forever and a Day (S02E06)FOX 8:00pm
The Neighborhood     
Welcome to the Last Dance (S05E13)CBS 8:00pm
The Bachelor     
Week 4 (S27E04)ABC 8:00pm
America's Got Talent: All-Stars     
Finals Preview: From the Judges' Desk (S01E07)NBC 8:00pm
Bob ♥ Abishola     
Happy People are Lazy (S04E13)CBS 8:30pm
Alert: Missing Persons Unit     
Shannon (S01E07)FOX 9:00pm
Old Wounds (S20E14)CBS 9:00pm
NCIS: Hawai'i     
Silent Invasion (S02E14)CBS 10:00pm
The Good Doctor     
39 Differences (S06E13)ABC 10:00pm
Tue 14 Feb
9-1-1: Lone Star     
Abandoned (S04E04)FOX 8:00pm
Protégé (S05E13)CBS 8:00pm
Night Court     
Justice Buddies (S01E06)NBC 8:00pm
The Rookie     
The Con (S05E15)ABC 8:00pm
American Auto     
Cost Cutting (S02E04)NBC 8:30pm
La Brea     
The Return (S02E10)NBC 9:00pm
FBI: International     
Glimmers and Ghosts (S02E12)CBS 9:00pm
The Rookie: Feds     
Dead Again (S01E15)ABC 9:00pm
Kendall's Story (S01E04)FOX 9:01pm
FBI: Most Wanted     
Black Mirror (S04E12)CBS 10:00pm
Will Trent     
Should I Go Get My Tin Foil Hat? (S01E06)ABC 10:00pm
Wed 15 Feb
The Masked Singer     
Season 9 Premiere (S09E01)FOX 8:00pm
Chicago Med     
It's an Ill Wind That Blows Nobody Good (S08E13)NBC 8:00pm
The Price is Right at Night     
Family Night (S02E06)CBS 8:00pm
The Conners     
Adding Insult To Injury (S05E14)ABC 8:00pm
The Goldbergs     
Moms Need Other Moms (S10E13)ABC 8:30pm
Episode 6 (S01E06)CBS 9:00pm
Chicago Fire     
The Man of the Moment (S11E13)NBC 9:00pm
Abbott Elementary     
Fire (S02E15)ABC 9:00pm
Special Forces: World's Toughest Test     
TBA (S01E08)FOX 9:00pm
Not Dead Yet     
Not Out of High School Yet (S01E03)ABC 9:31pm
Chicago P.D.     
The Ghost in You (S10E13)NBC 10:00pm
Tough As Nails     
Pressure Is On (S04E08)CBS 10:00pm
A Million Little Things     
Think Twice (S05E02)ABC 10:00pm