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Sun 12 Jul
The Sky at Night     
Stars - A Matter of Life and Death (S2020E05)BBC Four 9:00pm
Seven Wonders of America: Part 2 (S07ENone)Science 9:00pm
Desus & Mero     
Episode 32 (S2020E32)Showtime 11:00pm
Mon 13 Jul
How Scotland Cut Violent Crime (S2020E25)BBC One 7:30pm
Tue 14 Jul
Deadliest Catch     
Bering Sea Crash (S16E14)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
24 Hours in A&E     
Episode 5 (S21E05)Channel 4 9:00pm
Good Bones     
Updated Victorian In Old Southside (S05E06)HGTV 10:00pm
Wed 15 Jul
See No Evil     
Come Home Sierra (S06E17)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Impossible Engineering     
Seattle Super Bridge (S08E01)Science 9:00pm
Counting Cars     
Episode 7 (S09E07)History 10:00pm
Thu 16 Jul
Lifting the Lockdown (S2020E26)BBC One 7:30pm
Celebrity Watch Party     
Say I do Love a Watch Party (S01E10)FOX 8:00pm
Reflections (S18E08)BBC Two 9:00pm
Mountain Men     
Sink or Swim (S09E08)History 9:00pm
Desus & Mero     
Episode 33 (S2020E33)Showtime 11:00pm
Fri 17 Jul
SpongeBob SquarePants     
Pineapple RV (S12E33)Nickelodeon 7:00pm
SpongeBob SquarePants     
Boss for a Day (S12E34)Nickelodeon 7:15pm
Bering Sea Gold     
Claim of Thrones (S12E11)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Friday Night In with The Morgans     
Episode 12 (S01E12)AMC 10:00pm
Sun 19 Jul
Autopsy: The Last Hours Of...     
John Ritter (S09E14)REELZ 8:00pm
Desus & Mero     
Episode 34 (S2020E34)Showtime 11:00pm
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver     
Episode 197 (S07E18)HBO 11:00pm
Mon 20 Jul
Carol (S11E01)A&E 8:00pm
Tue 21 Jul
Deadliest Catch     
Gut Instinct (S16E15)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Covid's Hidden Toll (S2020E14)PBS 10:00pm
Thu 23 Jul
Celebrity Watch Party     
The Couch is Lava (S01E11)FOX 8:00pm
Radio (S18E09)BBC Two 9:00pm
Mountain Men     
Bloody Knuckles (S09E09)History 9:00pm
Desus & Mero     
Episode 35 (S2020E35)Showtime 11:00pm