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Wed 18 Jan
Father Brown     
The Fire in the Sky (S05E14)BBC One 1:45pm
Revenge (S04E18)History 9:00pm
No Offence     
Episode 3 (S02E03)Channel 4 9:00pm
Silent Witness     
Remembrance, Part Two (S20E06)BBC One 9:00pm
Chicago P.D.     
Sanctuary (S04E12)NBC 10:00pm
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia     
Old Lady House: a Situation Comedy (S12E03)FXX 10:00pm
Thu 19 Jan
Father Brown     
The Penitent Man (S05E15)BBC One 1:45pm
The Big Bang Theory     
The Romance Recalibration (S10E13)CBS 8:00pm
Chicago Med     
Graveyard Shift (S02E11)NBC 9:00pm
Death in Paradise     
Episode 3 (S06E03)BBC One 9:00pm
Episode 3 (S02E03)ITV 9:00pm
Hungry Beasts (S03E07)History 9:00pm
The Blacklist     
The Harem (S04E11)NBC 10:00pm
Fri 20 Jan
Oh Captain, My Captain (S06E03)NBC 8:00pm
Blue Bloods     
The One That Got Away (S07E13)CBS 10:00pm
Sat 21 Jan
Episode 3 (S01E03)BBC One 9:15pm
Sun 22 Jan
Lazaretto (S04E03)ITV 8:00pm
The Man in the Basement (S06E02)Showtime 9:00pm
Mon 23 Jan
Love Handles (S02E12)FOX 9:00pm
Silent Witness     
Covenant, Part One (S20E07)BBC One 9:00pm
Tue 24 Jan
The Flash     
Borrowing Problems from the Future (S03E10)The CW 8:00pm
Keep Going (S14E13)CBS 8:00pm
This Is Us     
Three Sentences (S01E13)NBC 9:00pm
The Price For The Past (S12E04)FOX 9:00pm
Silent Witness     
Covenant, Part Two (S20E08)BBC One 9:00pm
Chicago Fire     
Who Lives and Who Dies (S05E11)NBC 10:00pm
Killing Fields     
The Search Warrant (S02E04)Discovery Channel 10:00pm
NCIS: New Orleans     
Hell On The High Water (S03E12)CBS 10:00pm
Wed 25 Jan
On the Eve (S04E19)History 9:00pm
No Offence     
Episode 4 (S02E04)Channel 4 9:00pm
Code Black     
Vertigo (S02E14)CBS 10:00pm
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia     
Wolf Cola: a Public Relations Nightmare (S12E04)FXX 10:00pm
Thu 26 Jan
First Blood (S12E09)The CW 8:00pm
Death in Paradise     
Episode 4 (S06E04)BBC One 9:00pm
Episode 4 (S02E04)ITV 9:00pm
Fri 27 Jan
El Cuegle (S06E04)NBC 8:00pm