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Wed 20 Nov
Naked News     
2019-11-20 (S2019E277)Playboy TV 5:00pm
Returning Champion Vs. ,Show # 8098 (S2019E202)Syndication 7:30pm
Chicago Med     
I Can't Imagine the Future (S05E09)NBC 8:00pm
Bears (S38E08)PBS 8:00pm
Two for the Price of One (S39E09)CBS 8:00pm
Chicago Fire     
Best Friend Magic (S08E09)NBC 9:00pm
Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda     
Last Fare (S09E11)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Bitchin' Rides     
It's 1200 Miles to Columbus and We've Got a Trailer Full of Bitchin' Rides (S06E09)MotorTrend 9:00pm
The Violence Paradox (S46E22)PBS 9:00pm
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia     
A Woman's Right to Chop (S14E09)FXX 10:00pm
Chicago P.D.     
Absolution (S07E09)NBC 10:00pm
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia     
Waiting for Big Mo (S14E10)FXX 10:30pm
Thu 21 Nov
Naked News     
2019-11-21 (S2019E278)Playboy TV 5:00pm
Returning Champion Vs. ,Show # 8099 (S2019E203)Syndication 7:30pm
Ice Road Rescue     
Captain Chaos (S04E08)National Geographic Channel 8:00pm
Golden Time (S15E06)The CW 8:00pm
Grey's Anatomy     
Let's All Go To The Bar (S16E09)ABC 8:00pm
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit     
Can't Be Held Accountable (S21E09)NBC 10:00pm
Mysteries of the Abandoned     
Curse of Satan's Catacombs (S05E08)Science 10:00pm
Desus & Mero     
Episode 45 (S2019E45)Showtime 11:00pm
Fri 22 Nov
Naked News     
2019-11-22 (S2019E279)Playboy TV 5:00pm
Returning Champion Vs. ,Show # 8100 (S2019E204)Syndication 7:30pm
The Blacklist     
The Hawaladar (S07E08)NBC 8:00pm
Mock the Week     
Maisie Adam, Ed Byrne, Sophie Duker, Ed Gamble, Mark Simmons (S18E09)BBC Two 10:00pm
Blue Bloods     
Grave Errors (S10E09)CBS 10:00pm
The Graham Norton Show     
Elizabeth Banks, Kylie Minogue, Ricky Gervais (S26E08)BBC One 10:40pm
Sat 23 Nov
Sesame Street     
The Great Sesame Street Cake Off (S50E02)HBO 09:00am
SpongeBob SquarePants     
Dirty Bubble Returns (S12E22)Nickelodeon 11:00am
SpongeBob SquarePants     
Handemonium (S12E23)Nickelodeon 11:15am
Pit Bulls & Parolees     
Never Too Late (S13E08)Animal Planet 9:00pm
QI XL     
Questions and Qualifications (S12E05)BBC Two 10:00pm
Sun 24 Nov
Naked News     
Naked News Weekend 2019-11-24 (S2019E280)Playboy TV 5:00pm
Seven Worlds, One Planet     
Europe (S01E05)BBC One 6:15pm
The Passing of the Torch (S13E10)CBC 7:00pm
Anne with an E     
The Better Feeling of My Heart (S03E10)CBC 8:00pm
Ray Donovan     
A Good Man Is Hard to Find (S07E02)Showtime 8:00pm
The Simpsons     
Thanksgiving of Horror (S31E08)FOX 8:00pm
Alaska: The Last Frontier     
Turkey With a Side of Hay (S09E08)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Which America? (S10E03)Showtime 9:00pm
The Walking Dead     
The World Before (S10E08)AMC 9:00pm
Bob's Burgers     
Now We're Not Cooking with Gas (S10E08)FOX 9:00pm
Mount Rushmore: The Hidden Secrets (S06E04)Science 9:00pm
Marvel's Spider-Man     
Goblin War: Part 3 (S02E25)Disney XD 9:30pm
Mr. Robot     
408 Request Timeout (S04E08)USA Network 10:00pm
Silicon Valley     
Tethics (S06E05)HBO 10:00pm
Rick and Morty     
One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty (S04E03)Adult Swim 11:30pm
Mon 25 Nov
Naked News     
2019-11-25 (S2019E281)Playboy TV 5:00pm
Returning Champion Vs. ,Show # 8101 (S2019E205)Syndication 7:30pm
Murdoch Mysteries     
The Killing Dose (S13E09)CBC 8:00pm
How to Brainwash a Million People (S2019E41)BBC One 8:30pm
Highway Thru Hell     
Road to Recovery (S08E08)Discovery Channel 10:00pm
Tue 26 Nov
Naked News     
2019-11-26 (S2019E282)Playboy TV 5:00pm
Returning Champion Vs. ,Show # 8102 (S2019E206)Syndication 7:30pm
IRL (S17E09)CBS 8:00pm
The Profit     
TBA (S07E04)CNBC 10:00pm
Wed 27 Nov
Naked News     
2019-11-27 (S2019E283)Playboy TV 5:00pm
Returning Champion Vs. ,Show # 8103 (S2019E207)Syndication 7:30pm
Bring on the Bacon (S39E10)CBS 8:00pm
Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda     
The Highway (S09E12)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Animal Espionage (S46E23)PBS 9:00pm
South Park     
TBA (S23E08)Comedy Central 10:00pm