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Tue 22 Sep
Returning Champion Vs., show # 8242. (S2020E115)Syndication 7:30pm
The Great British Bake Off     
Cake Week (S11E01)Channel 4 8:00pm
Deadliest Catch     
Everything Changes (S16E23)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
The Choice 2020: Trump Vs. Biden (S2020E20)PBS 9:00pm
Space's Deepest Secrets     
Killing the Milky Way (S07E03)Science 9:00pm
Wed 23 Sep
Returning Champion Vs., show # 8243. (S2020E116)Syndication 7:30pm
A to Z: The First Alphabet (S47E13)PBS 9:00pm
Helping Hands (S11E03)FXX 10:00pm
Thu 24 Sep
Returning Champion Vs., show # 8244. (S2020E117)Syndication 7:30pm
Homestead Rescue     
Home Sweet Homestead: Future of the Forty (S07E06)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Frankie Boyle's New World Order     
Episode 4 (S04E04)BBC Two 10:00pm
Desus & Mero     
2020-09-24 (S2020E49)Showtime 11:00pm
Fri 25 Sep
Returning Champion Vs., show # 8245. (S2020E118)Syndication 7:30pm
Bering Sea Gold     
Up in Flames (S12E20)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Sat 26 Sep
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen     
Beef Kababs and Cheese Bread (S13E03)PBS 3:30pm
Son of Dracula (S10E21)Me-TV 8:00pm
QI XL     
Restaurants (S13E04)BBC Two 9:00pm
I Quit     
Uncertain Futures (S01E07)Discovery Channel 10:00pm
Sun 27 Sep
The Simpsons     
Undercover Burns (S32E01)FOX 8:00pm
Bob's Burgers     
Dream a Little Bob of Bob (S11E01)FOX 9:00pm
Welcome to the Alternate Economy (S04E01)FX 9:00pm
Marvel's Spider-Man     
Generations (S03E05)Disney XD 9:00pm
Paranormal Caught on Camera     
Top 100: 100-81 (S03ENone)Travel Channel 9:00pm
Caribbean Life     
Cooking Up A Bed And Breakfast On St. Croix (S20E16)HGTV 10:00pm
The Land of Taking and Killing (S04E02)FX 10:30pm
Caribbean Life     
Making A Splash On Utila (S20E17)HGTV 10:30pm
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver     
Episode 203 (S07E24)HBO 11:00pm
Desus & Mero     
2020-09-27 (S2020E50)Showtime 11:00pm
Mon 28 Sep
Returning Champion Vs. , show # 8246. (S2020E119)Syndication 7:30pm
Tue 29 Sep
Returning Champion Vs. , show # 8247. (S2020E120)Syndication 7:30pm
Wed 30 Sep
Returning Champion Vs. , show # 8248. (S2020E121)Syndication 7:30pm
South Park     
The Pandemic Special (S24E01)Comedy Central 8:00pm
Counting Cars     
Heroes and Horsepower (S09E07)History 9:00pm
A to Z: How Writing Changed the World (S47E14)PBS 9:00pm
Robot Factory (S11E04)FXX 10:00pm