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Tue 30 May
Behind History     
Catastrophe (S01E02)Sky History 8:00pm
Rendezvous with Destiny (S01E02)History 8:00pm
Wed 31 May
Arsenal of Democracy (S01E03)History 8:00pm
The Gallows Pole     
The Resurrection of Dave (S01E01)BBC iPlayer 9:00pm
The Gallows Pole     
Thy Had a Dream (S01E02)BBC iPlayer 9:00pm
The Gallows Pole     
The Anti-Heist (S01E03)BBC iPlayer 9:00pm
Thu 01 Jun
100 Years of Warner Bros.     
Heroes, Villains and Friends (S01E03)Max
100 Years of Warner Bros.     
Wizarding World and The Big Bang (S01E04)Max
Who Do You Think You Are?     
Andrew Lloyd Webber (S20E01)BBC One 9:00pm
Fri 02 Jun
Secret Wars Uncovered     
Exporting Cuba's Revolution (S02E08)Sky History 9:00pm
Sat 03 Jun
Into the Wild Frontier     
James Harrod: Kentucky's Founding Father (S03E05)insp 6:00pm
Sun 04 Jun
Antiques Roadshow     
Clissold Park, Stoke Newington 2 (S45E15)BBC One 8:00pm
Autopsy: The Last Hours Of...     
Eazy E (S2023E12)REELZ 9:00pm
The 2010s     
TBA (S01E05)CNN 9:00pm
Tue 06 Jun
Behind History     
Leaders (S01E03)Sky History 8:00pm