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Sat 15 Dec
Saturday Morning with James Martin     
Ronan Keating, Shane Lynch, Brian Turner (S02E16)ITV 09:30am
Saturday Kitchen Live     
15/12/2018 (S20E48)BBC One 10:00am
The Pioneer Woman     
Night Out, Night In (S20E13)Food Network 10:00am
The Zimmern List     
Memphis (S02E01)Travel Channel 10:00am
Trisha's Southern Kitchen     
Lazy Saturday (S13E06)Food Network 10:30am
The Zimmern List     
Queens (S02E02)Travel Channel 10:30am
Milk Street Television     
Middle East Favorites (S02E15)PBS 11:00am
Guy's Ranch Kitchen     
Celebration Dinner Party (S02E05)Food Network 12:30am
Sun 16 Dec
Martina's Table     
Listening Party (S01E05)Food Network
Saturday Kitchen Best Bites     
16/12/2018 (S2018E46)BBC Two 10:00am
Giada's Holiday Handbook     
Family Christmas Dinner (S04E06)Food Network 11:00am
Girl Meets Farm     
Mom on the Farm (S02E06)Food Network 11:00am
Mon 17 Dec
Food Unwrapped     
Food Unwrapped Does Christmas 2018 (S15ENone)Channel 4 8:00pm
Good Eats: Reloaded     
Art of Darkness II: The Reload (S01E10)Cooking Channel 9:00pm
Holiday Baking Championship     
Gifts of Greatness (S05E07)Food Network 9:00pm
Christmas Cookie Challenge     
Colorful Christmas (S2018E07)Food Network 10:00pm
Tue 18 Dec
MasterChef: The Professionals     
Episode 19 (S11E19)BBC Two 8:00pm
Burgers, Brew & 'Que     
Build Your Own Burger (S04E20)Cooking Channel 9:00pm
Wed 19 Dec
MasterChef: The Professionals     
Episode 20 (S11E20)BBC Two 8:00pm
Thu 20 Dec
MasterChef: The Professionals     
Episode 21 (S11E21)BBC Two 8:00pm
Gino's Italian Escape     
Santa Maria de la Leuca (S06E08)ITV 8:30pm
The Great American Baking Show     
Semi-Final and Final (S04E03)ABC 9:00pm
Top Chef     
Naughty And Nice (S16E03)Bravo 9:00pm
Beat Bobby Flay     
Sweet, Sweet Revenge! (S18E12)Food Network 10:00pm
Late Nite Eats     
San Antonio (S02E11)Cooking Channel 11:00pm
Fri 21 Dec
Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast     
Danny DeVito (S06E03)Channel 4 8:00pm
Sat 22 Dec
Saturday Morning with James Martin     
Chris Evans, Clare Smyth, Galton Blackiston (S02E17)ITV 09:25am
The Zimmern List     
Reno (S02E03)Travel Channel 10:00am
The Zimmern List     
Birmingham (S02E04)Travel Channel 10:30am
Guy's Ranch Kitchen     
Southern Spread (S02E06)Food Network 12:30am