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Wed 25 May
Somebody Feed Phil     
TBA (S05E01)Netflix
Secrets of the Fast Food Giants     
Pizza, Sweet & Sour, Fried Chicken (S02E04)Channel 5 7:00pm
Back to Win - Audition Battles (S12E01)FOX 8:00pm
Guy's Grocery Games     
Burgers or Bust (S28E25)Food Network 9:00pm
Thu 26 May
Eat Well for Less?     
Episode 2 (S08E02)BBC One 8:00pm
MasterChef Junior     
Junior Edition: The Restaurant Takeover (S08E11)FOX 8:00pm
Restaurant: Impossible     
Marriage On the Rocks (S21E05)Food Network 8:00pm
Top Chef     
Cactus Makes Perfect (S19E13)Bravo 8:00pm
Beat Bobby Flay     
BBQ'd Revenge (S2022E19)Food Network 9:00pm
Fri 27 May
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives     
Flavor Expedition (S2022E11)Food Network 9:00pm
Sat 28 May
America's Test Kitchen     
Perfectly Fried Seafood (S22E18)Create 02:30am
James Martin's Saturday Morning     
David Gandy, Johnny Vegas, Clare Smyth, Daniel Clifford, Sat Bains (S05E39)ITV 09:25am
Saturday Kitchen Live     
28/05/2022 (S24E22)BBC One 10:00am
The Pioneer Woman     
Super Slider Supper (S32E04)Food Network 10:00am
The Kitchen     
All You Can Eat BBQ (S31E07)Food Network 11:00am
Ainsley's Good Mood Food     
Going Green (S02E08)ITV 11:35am
Symon's Dinners Cooking Out     
Memories to Grill For (S03E04)Food Network 12:00am
Sun 29 May
Sunday Brunch     
Episode 14 (S11E14)Channel 4 09:30am
Saturday Kitchen Best Bites     
29/05/2022 (S2022E18)BBC Two 10:00am
Valerie's Home Cooking     
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (S13E06)Food Network 11:30am
Duff: Ace of Taste     
TBA (S01E06)Food Network 12:00am
From the Source     
Olive Oil (S02E02)Magnolia Network 3:00pm
Carnival Eats     
How the West Was Yum (S09E18)Cooking Channel 9:00pm
Worst Cooks in America     
That's So '90s: From Worst to First (S24E07)Food Network 9:00pm
Nomad with Carlton McCoy     
Toronto (S01E05)CNN 9:00pm
Nomad with Carlton McCoy     
Mississippi (S01E06)CNN 10:00pm
Bar Rescue     
Till Failure Do You Part (S08E22)Paramount Network 10:00pm
Mon 30 May
Come Dine with Me     
Sheffield (1/5) (S2022E11)Channel 4 5:00pm
Food Unwrapped     
Episode 3 (S22E03)Channel 4 8:00pm
Best of Britain by the Sea     
Episode 3 (S01E03)More4 9:00pm
BBQ Brawl: Flay v. Symon     
Throwback BBQ (S03E04)Food Network 9:00pm
Tue 31 May
Come Dine with Me     
Sheffield (2/5) (S2022E12)Channel 4 5:00pm
Supermarket Stakeout     
Reelin' in the Right Shoppers (S04E02)Food Network 10:00pm
Wed 01 Jun
Come Dine with Me     
Sheffield (3/5) (S2022E13)Channel 4 5:00pm
Back to Win - Audition Battles (Part 2) (S12E02)FOX 8:00pm
Guy's Grocery Games     
Guy Cooks the Games: Like Father, Like Chef (S28E26)Food Network 9:00pm
Thu 02 Jun
Come Dine with Me     
Sheffield (4/5) (S2022E14)Channel 4 5:00pm
Top Chef     
The Final Plate (S19E14)Bravo 8:00pm
MasterChef Junior     
Junior Edition: Alexander In A Box (S08E12)FOX 8:00pm
Restaurant: Impossible     
Mistrust and Malaise in Madison (S21E06)Food Network 8:00pm
Beat Bobby Flay     
It's Tila Time (S2022E20)Food Network 9:00pm
MasterChef Junior     
Junior Edition: WWE Tag Team (S08E13)FOX 9:00pm