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Tue 22 Sep
The Great British Bake Off     
Cake Week (S11E01)Channel 4 8:00pm
Chopped Sweets     
Desserts in Bloom (S02E08)Food Network 10:00pm
Wed 23 Sep
Dinner Date     
Celebrity Dinner Date: Donna Preston (S10E25)ITV Be 8:00pm
Food Paradise     
Mangia Meals (S2020E31)Cooking Channel 9:00pm
Guy's Grocery Games     
Nothin' but Noodles (S25E07)Food Network 9:00pm
Fri 25 Sep
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives     
Takeout: Ordering All Kinds Of Flavor (S33E04)Food Network 9:00pm
Sat 26 Sep
The Pioneer Woman     
Home Sweet Home: Tailgate Get-Togethers (S25E27)Food Network 10:00am
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen     
Beef Kababs and Cheese Bread (S13E03)PBS 3:30pm
Sun 27 Sep
Carnival Eats     
Cheese Please! (S09E05)Cooking Channel 9:00pm
Halloween Wars     
Monster Support Group (S10E03)Food Network 9:00pm
Mon 28 Sep
Halloween Baking Championship     
Trick or Treat Terror (S06E04)Food Network 8:00pm
Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites     
Fishcakes, Simple Ice-Cream and Peri-Peri Chicken (S01E07)Channel 4 8:30pm
Halloween Baking Championship     
Bloody Good Smorgasbord (S06E05)Food Network 9:00pm