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Tue 23 Apr
Judge Judy     
Pepper Spray Showdown in Atlanta!; Charge Party With the Company Credit Card?! (S23E169)Syndication 4:00pm
The Code     
Back on the Block (S01E04)CBS 9:00pm
Wed 24 Apr
Judge Judy     
Fractured Jaw at the Rodeo!; A Pit Bull Is a Stupid Dog to Have! (S23E170)Syndication 4:00pm
Judge Judy     
Man's Fear of Large Dogs Comes Back to Bite Him!; Gas Explosion Anxiety! (S23E171)Syndication 4:00pm
Thu 25 Apr
Judge Judy     
Child Support From Hell! (S23E172)Syndication 4:00pm
Judge Judy     
Coon Cat Custody; Crash Sob Story! (S23E173)Syndication 4:00pm
Fri 26 Apr
Judge Judy     
America Not So Great Again! (S23E174)Syndication 4:00pm
Judge Judy     
I Won't Rat Out a Friend!; Bartender Blackmail? (S23E175)Syndication 4:00pm
Proven Innocent     
Shaken (S01E11)FOX 9:00pm
Mon 29 Apr
Judge Judy     
S23E176 (S23E176)Syndication 4:00pm
Judge Judy     
S23E177 (S23E177)Syndication 4:00pm
The Code     
Maggie's Drawers (S01E05)CBS 9:00pm
The Fix     
Ghost Whisperer (S01E07)ABC 10:00pm
The Good One (S03E20)CBS 10:00pm
Tue 30 Apr
Judge Judy     
S23E178 (S23E178)Syndication 4:00pm
Judge Judy     
S23E179 (S23E179)Syndication 4:00pm
Wed 01 May
Judge Judy     
S23E180 (S23E180)Syndication 4:00pm
Judge Judy     
S23E181 (S23E181)Syndication 4:00pm