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Wed 25 May
Prehistoric Planet     
Freshwater (S01E03)Apple TV+
Britain's Beautiful Rivers with Richard Hammond     
Episode 1 (S01E01)More4 9:00pm
Ice Age Footprints (S49E14)PBS 9:00pm
Colombia: Wild and Free     
From the Pacific to the Andes (S01E02)PBS 10:00pm
Thu 26 May
Prehistoric Planet     
Ice Worlds (S01E04)Apple TV+
Episode 8 (S44E08)BBC Scotland 8:00pm
Episode 8 (S2022E08)BBC Scotland 8:30pm
Kings of Pain     
The Scorpion King (S02E01)History 10:35pm
Fri 27 May
Prehistoric Planet     
Forests (S01E05)Apple TV+
Sat 28 May
Monkey Life     
Episode 13 (S14E13)Pick 3:00pm
Monkey Life     
Episode 14 (S14E14)Pick 3:30pm
Sun 29 May
Warwickshire Greenways (S34E22)BBC One 6:45pm
Naked and Afraid XL     
Mutiny in the Jungle (S08E05)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Secrets of the Zoo: Down Under     
X-Ray Marks the Spot (S03E03)National Geographic WILD 8:00pm
Wicked Tuna     
Bet on Badfish (S11E13)National Geographic Channel 9:00pm
Secrets of the Zoo     
Tunnel of Love (S05E04)National Geographic WILD 9:00pm
Mon 30 May
Episode 1 (S2022E01)BBC Two 8:00pm
Tue 31 May
Episode 2 (S2022E02)BBC Two 8:00pm
Deadliest Catch     
Follow the Rainbow (S18E07)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Wed 01 Jun
Episode 3 (S2022E03)BBC Two 8:00pm
Thu 02 Jun
Episode 9 (S44E09)BBC Scotland 8:00pm
Episode 4 (S2022E04)BBC Two 8:00pm
Episode 9 (S2022E09)BBC Scotland 8:30pm
Kings of Pain     
Arachnophobia (S02E02)History 10:35pm