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Fri 23 Aug
Texas Flip N' Move     
Paige and Raf's Storage Friendly Family Home (S2019E28)DIY Network 9:00pm
Sat 24 Aug
Tiny House Nation     
Tiny House Hits The Road (S05E09)A&E 09:00am
All Girls Garage     
Nova for Sale (S08E10)MotorTrend 11:30am
Zombie House Flipping     
The Clinical Disaster (S03E09)A&E 8:00pm
The Vanilla Ice Project     
Upstairs Battle (S09E05)DIY Network 9:00pm
Sun 25 Aug
Barnwood Builders     
Bank Barn Brawl (S09E04)DIY Network 9:00pm
Mon 26 Aug
Aaron Needs a Job     
Liquid Assets (S01E06)Discovery Channel 10:00pm
Tue 27 Aug
Building the Dream     
Episode 8 (S08E08)More4 9:00pm
Thu 29 Aug
Going for Sold     
Bringing New Orleans To Houston (S01E05)HGTV 11:00pm
Fri 30 Aug
Texas Flip N' Move     
Snow Sisters' Duplex Doozy vs. Randy's Rec Room Reno (S2019E29)DIY Network 9:00pm
Sat 31 Aug
Tiny House Nation     
A Firefighter Rebuilds (S05E10)A&E 09:00am
All Girls Garage     
Jeep Gladiator, Then and Now (S08E11)MotorTrend 11:30am
Zombie House Flipping     
The Barebones Flip (S03E10)A&E 8:00pm
The Vanilla Ice Project     
Garage Goals (S09E06)DIY Network 9:00pm