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Sat 16 Jan
Killer Siblings     
Lunas (S02E11)Oxygen 6:00pm
One Deadly Mistake     
Out Of The Darkness (S01E01)Oxygen 9:00pm
48 Hours     
The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff (S33E15)CBS 10:00pm
Sun 17 Jan
Tunna blå linjen     
Avsnitt 1 (S01E01)SVT Play
Tunna blå linjen     
Avsnitt 2 (S01E02)SVT Play
Whatever Happened to Kate Kane? (S02E01)The CW 8:00pm
A Martha's Vineyard Mystery     
Ships in the Night (S2021E01)Hallmark Movies & Mysteries 8:00pm
NCIS: Los Angeles     
A Fait Accompli (S12E09)CBS 8:00pm
American Monster     
Unmasked (S06E07)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
NCIS: New Orleans     
Leda and the Swan, Part I (S07E07)CBS 9:00pm
The Rookie     
La Fiera (S03E03)ABC 10:00pm
On the Case with Paula Zahn     
A Brand New Dress (S21E07)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Mon 18 Jan
Onision: In Real Life     
TBA (S01E03)discovery+
The Clown and the Candyman     
Episode 1 (S01E01)discovery+
The Clown and the Candyman     
Episode 2 (S01E02)discovery+
The Clown and the Candyman     
Episode 3 (S01E03)discovery+
The Clown and the Candyman     
Episode 4 (S01E04)discovery+
Moment of Proof     
The Medication (S01E11)BBC One 11:45am
Police Interceptors     
Episode 13 (S18E13)Channel 5 8:00pm
Murdoch Mysteries     
Code M for Murdoch (S14E03)CBC 8:00pm
The New Abnormal (S04E01)FOX 8:00pm
Frankie Drake Mysteries     
The Girls Can't Help It (S04E03)CBC 9:00pm
9-1-1: Lone Star     
Back in the Saddle (S02E01)FOX 9:00pm
To Save a Life (S05E06)CBS 10:00pm
Tue 19 Jan
Moment of Proof     
The Wallpaper (S01E12)BBC One 11:45am
Hudson & Rex     
Endless Summer (S03E03)City 8:00pm
Sunburn (S18E04)CBS 8:00pm
World's Most Evil Killers     
Lonnie Franklin (S05E01)Sky Crime 9:00pm
Countdown to Murder     
Episode 1 (S03E01)5STAR 9:00pm
Head of the Snake (S18E05)CBS 9:00pm
Dead Silent     
The Sinner And The Saint (S04E12)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Prodigal Son     
Speak of the Devil (S02E02)FOX 9:01pm
Murder by the Sea     
Episode 8 (S05E08)CBS Reality 10:00pm
FBI: Most Wanted     
Anonymous (S02E04)CBS 10:00pm
Murder in the Heartland     
Mother of It All (S03E07)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Lone Star Law     
Deadly Spill (S09E04)Discovery Channel 10:00pm
Wed 20 Jan
Moment of Proof     
The Feud (S01E13)BBC One 11:45am
Chapter Seventy-Seven: Climax (S05E01)The CW 8:00pm
Cruise Ship Killers     
Erica (S01E16)Crime & Investigation 9:00pm
The Bay     
Episode 1 (S02E01)ITV 9:00pm
Nancy Drew     
The Search For The Midnight Wraith (S02E01)The CW 9:00pm
The Murder Tapes     
This Guy's Getting Paranoid (S04E09)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
True Conviction     
The Hundred Mile Murder (S03E04)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Thu 21 Jan
Moment of Proof     
The Ripped-Up Note (S01E14)BBC One 11:45am
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered     
The Ultimatum (S2021E03)Oxygen 7:00pm
Pilot (S01E01)The CW 8:00pm
Death in Paradise     
Episode 3 (S10E03)BBC One 9:00pm
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit     
The Long Arm of the Witness (S22E06)NBC 9:00pm
A Time to Kill     
What Happened to Lauren? (S02E07)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Private Eyes     
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (S04E10)Global 10:00pm
Killer Cases     
The Farmer's Wife (S01E06)A&E 10:00pm
Fear Thy Roommate     
Down the Rabbit Hole (S01E04)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Fri 22 Jan
Moment of Proof     
The Medication (S01E15)BBC One 11:45am
The Blacklist     
16 Ounces (S08E03)NBC 8:00pm
An Unexpected Killer     
Unseen Assassin (S02E02)Oxygen 8:00pm
Magnum P.I.     
Tell No One (S03E06)CBS 9:00pm
Framed by the Killer     
A Lover's Frame (S01E02)Oxygen 9:00pm
Blue Bloods     
Spilling Secrets (S11E05)CBS 10:00pm
Sat 23 Jan
Killer Siblings     
Cormiers (S02E12)Oxygen 6:00pm