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Thu 07 Dec
Disappeared: Mexico's Missing 43     
Episode 1 (S01E01)BBC iPlayer
Disappeared: Mexico's Missing 43     
Episode 2 (S01E02)BBC iPlayer
Détective Surprenant : la fille aux yeux de pierre     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Club illico
World's Most Evil Killers     
John Eric Armstrong (S08E03)Sky Crime 9:00pm
Interrogation Raw     
Test of Faith (S02E11)A&E 9:00pm
Accused: Guilty or Innocent?     
Party Killer Or Innocent Bystander? (S05E09)A&E 10:04pm
Fri 08 Dec
NCIS: Sydney     
Doggiecino Day Afternoon (S01E05)Paramount+
Mr. Monk's Last Case: A Monk Movie (S08ENone)USA Network
Crime Beat     
The Deadly Contract (S05E08)Global 8:00pm
Power Book III: Raising Kanan     
Flipmode (S03E02)STARZ 8:00pm
Homicide for the Holidays     
Christmas Eve Killing (S05E05)Oxygen 8:00pm
On Patrol: First Shift     
#237 (S02E37)REELZ 8:00pm
Killer Cases     
The Boyfriend (S04E10)A&E 9:00pm
The Real Murders of Los Angeles     
Killer Casting (S01E09)Oxygen 9:00pm
On Patrol: Live     
#237 (S02E37)REELZ 9:00pm
Murder in the 21st     
Beneath The Surface (S01E10)A&E 10:00pm
Sat 09 Dec
Prosecuting Evil with Kelly Siegler     
The Most Innocent Victim (S01E04)Oxygen 8:00pm
On Patrol: First Shift     
#238 (S02E38)REELZ 8:00pm
Fatal Family Feuds     
Murder in the Courthouse (S01E02)Oxygen 9:00pm
On Patrol: Live     
#238 (S02E38)REELZ 9:00pm
Faking It: Tears of a Crime     
Murder in the Forest (S07E06)Quest Red 10:00pm
48 Hours     
Andreen Mcdonald: A Millionaire Vanishes (S36E11)CBS 10:00pm
Sun 10 Dec
Lawmen: Bass Reeves     
Part VII (S01E07)Paramount+
Final Moments     
Gone From the Giggling Gator (S02E10)Oxygen 7:00pm
American Monster     
The Punisher (S11E05)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Good Cop, Bad Cop     
Ticking Time Bomb (S01E05)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Mon 11 Dec
Forensics: Catching the Killer     
Murder In Suburbia (S03E02)Sky Crime 9:00pm
Murder in Boston: Roots, Rampage, and Reckoning     
Rampage (S01E02)HBO 9:00pm
Contraband: Seized at the Border     
TBA (S02E09)Discovery Channel 9:00pm
Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?     
Dr. Date Rape (S08E04)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Fatal Attraction     
Death at the Doorstep (S14E09)TV One 9:00pm
Seduced to Slay     
Thrill Kill (S01E04)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Tue 12 Dec
A Murder at the End of the World     
Chapter 6: Crime Seen (S01E06)Hulu
Real Time Crime     
Catch Me If You Can (S02E02)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Murder in the Heartland     
Something Happened to Her (S08E05)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Missing While Interracial (S01E11)NBC 10:00pm
The Tiger (S05E05)FX 10:00pm
Exposed: Naked Crimes     
Profoundly Dangerous (S01E04)Investigation Discovery 10:30pm
Wed 13 Dec
Interrogation Cam     
Interrogation Cam #109 (S01E09)A&E 10:00pm
TBA (S01E06)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Interrogation Cam     
Interrogation Cam #110 (S01E10)A&E 10:32pm
TBA (S01E10)Investigation Discovery 11:00pm
Thu 14 Dec
World's Most Evil Killers     
Richard Biegenwald (S08E04)Sky Crime 9:00pm
Interrogation Raw     
A Deadly Drink for Dad (S02E12)A&E 9:00pm
Accused: Guilty or Innocent?     
After The Verdict: Angel's Second Chance (S05E10)A&E 10:00pm