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Thu 21 Feb
The Oath     
TBA (S02E01)Crackle 08:00am
Deadly Secrets     
A Fire Inside (S01E05)Investigation Discovery 6:00pm
Ace Chemicals (S05E07)FOX 8:00pm
Death in Paradise     
Episode 7 (S08E07)BBC One 9:00pm
Secrets of the Morgue     
The Beast and the Beauty (S01E12)Crime & Investigation 9:00pm
Brooklyn Nine-Nine     
The Honeypot (S06E07)NBC 9:00pm
The First 48 Presents: Homicide Squad Atlanta     
Episode 7 (S01E07)A&E 9:00pm
60 Days In     
Pick a Side (S05E08)A&E 10:00pm
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit     
Facing Demons (S20E16)NBC 10:00pm
Pride (S02E16)CBS 10:00pm
Dead of Winter     
Midnight Mass (S01E06)Investigation Discovery 11:00pm
Fri 22 Feb
The Blacklist     
Marko Jankowics (S06E08)NBC 8:00pm
Hawaii Five-0     
Hapai Ke Kuko, Hanau Ka Hewa (When Covetousness is Conceived, Sin is Born) (S09E16)CBS 9:00pm
Proven Innocent     
The Burden of Truth (S01E02)FOX 9:00pm
The Blacklist     
Minister D (S06E09)NBC 9:00pm
Live PD     
02.22.19 (S03E45)A&E 9:00pm
Hawaii Five-0     
E'ao Lu'au A Kualima (Offer Young Taro Leaves To) (S09E17)CBS 10:00pm
Sat 23 Feb
Cold Justice     
Death Among Him - Part 2 (S05E12)Oxygen 6:00pm
Black Dolphin (S03E02)CBS 8:00pm
Heart of Darkness     
Gambling with the Devil (S01E03)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
CopyCat Killers     
Forensic Files (S06E03)REELZ 9:00pm
Live PD     
02.23.19 (S03E46)A&E 9:00pm
Your Worst Nightmare     
Behind the Barn (S05E08)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Sun 24 Feb
Hot Streets     
Creamy Zeus (S02E01)Adult Swim 00:00am
Hot Streets     
The Moon Masters (S02E02)Adult Swim 00:00am
Mark of a Killer     
Momentos of Murder (S01E05)Oxygen 7:00pm
Confection (S06E03)ITV 8:00pm
Measure of a Man (S01E02)BBC One 9:00pm
35 Awr     
Pennod 8 (S01E08)S4C 9:00pm
True Detective     
Now Am Found (S03E08)HBO 9:00pm
Evil Lives Here     
I Hate Being Daddy's Girl (S05E08)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
On the Case with Paula Zahn     
A Hero Betrayed (S17E20)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Mon 25 Feb
Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators     
Outrageous Fortune (S02E01)BBC One 2:15pm
Episode 4 (S02E04)Kanal 5 8:00pm
Murdoch Mysteries     
Darkness Before Dawn (1) (S12E17)CBC 8:00pm
In Ice Cold Blood     
Peeping Perv (S02E01)Oxygen 8:00pm
What the Killer Did Next     
Bei Carter (S01E04)Crime & Investigation 9:00pm
Famous and Fighting Crime     
Episode 3 (S01E03)Channel 4 9:00pm
Bridges (S01E08)CBC 9:00pm
Magnum P.I.     
Murder Is Never Quiet (S01E16)CBS 9:00pm
Killer Couples     
Violet & Philip Walter (S11E06)Oxygen 9:00pm
Forfeiture (S03E16)CBS 10:00pm
Not In My Back Yard (S31E20)Paramount Network 10:00pm
People Magazine Investigates     
Who Killed Jane Doe 59? (S03E15)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Grave Mysteries     
Murder Behind Closed Doors (S02E03)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Tue 26 Feb
Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators     
The Play's the Thing (S02E02)BBC One 2:15pm
Crossing the Line (S16E15)CBS 8:00pm
Lethal Weapon     
The Spy Who Loved Me (S03E15)FOX 8:00pm
Episode 3 (S05E03)BBC One 9:00pm
Scorched Earth (S01E15)CBS 9:00pm
NCIS: New Orleans     
Crab Mentality (S05E15)CBS 10:00pm
The Rookie     
Plain Clothes Day (S01E14)ABC 10:00pm
Wed 27 Feb
Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators     
This Cursed Hand (S02E03)BBC One 2:15pm
Chapter Forty-Eight: Requiem for a Welterweight (S03E13)The CW 8:00pm
Episode 5 (S03E05)CTV 9:00pm
See No Evil     
Run From The Scene (S05E02)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Chicago P.D.     
The Forgotten (S06E16)NBC 10:00pm
Deadly Class     
Rise Above (S01E07)Syfy 10:00pm
Thu 28 Feb
Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators     
Beware the Ides of March (S02E04)BBC One 2:15pm
Deadly Secrets     
A Killer Hand (S01E06)Investigation Discovery 6:00pm
Deadly Secrets     
Episode 7 (S01E07)Investigation Discovery 6:00pm
Nothing's Shocking (S05E08)FOX 8:00pm
Death in Paradise     
Episode 8 (S08E08)BBC One 9:00pm
The First 48 Presents: Homicide Squad Atlanta     
Episode 8 (S01E08)A&E 9:00pm
Brooklyn Nine-Nine     
The Therapist (S06E08)NBC 9:00pm
60 Days In     
Loose Lips Sink Ships (S05E09)A&E 10:00pm