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Fri 05 Jun
Harley Quinn     
Dye Hard (S02E10)DC Universe 09:00am
Live PD     
06.05.20 (S04E66)A&E 9:00pm
Sat 06 Jun
Accident, Suicide or Murder     
A Shot in the Dark (S02E05)Oxygen 6:00pm
Crime Beat     
The Brentwood Five Massacre, Part 2 (S01E13)Global 7:00pm
Mark of a Killer     
Bound To Kill (S02E09)Oxygen 7:00pm
Live PD     
06.06.20 (S04E67)A&E 9:00pm
Sun 07 Jun
B.F.O. (S01E04)Starz 8:00pm
Viral Racism & Spring Break Forever (S07E11)Showtime 8:00pm
The Nordic Model (S05E06)Showtime 9:00pm
American Monster     
Brothers in Arms (S05E01)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
The Killer Truth     
Murder in Paradise (S01E07)HLN 9:00pm
North Woods Law     
Raccoon Rescue (S14E07)Animal Planet 9:00pm
Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Channel 4 9:15pm
On the Case with Paula Zahn     
Terror in Bedford Park (S20E06)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
The Killer Truth     
A Killing in Kansas (S01E08)HLN 10:00pm
Mon 08 Jun
L.A.'s Finest     
The Curse of the Black Pearl (S02E01)Spectrum On Demand
L.A.'s Finest     
The Lone Ranger (S02E02)Spectrum On Demand
L.A.'s Finest     
Thief of Hearts (S02E03)Spectrum On Demand
Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery     
Episode 2 (S01E02)Channel 4 9:00pm
Killer Families     
Joanna Hayes (S01E04)Sky Crime 9:00pm
Fatal Attraction     
Dangerous Love (S10E08)TV One 9:00pm
Unholy Alliances (S04E07)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Southern Gothic     
Who Killed Katie Autry? (S01E06)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Stolen Cars and Firearms (S33E01)Paramount Network 10:00pm
Tue 09 Jun
Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery     
Episode 3 (S01E03)Channel 4 9:00pm
World's Most Evil Killers     
Robert Ben Rhoades (S04E03)Sky Crime 9:00pm
Still a Mystery     
Brides And Murder (S02E01)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Dirty John     
Marriage Encounter (S02E03)USA Network 10:00pm
The Genetic Detective     
Who Killed Angie Dodge? (S01E03)ABC 10:00pm
Wed 10 Jun
All New Traffic Cops     
Episode 4 (S06E04)Channel 5 8:00pm
Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery     
Episode 4 (S01E04)Channel 4 9:00pm
Cruise Ship Killers     
Shelly (S01E02)Crime & Investigation 9:00pm
See No Evil     
It Looks Like You (S06E12)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Stabbed in the Back     
Episode 1 (S01E01)MTV 10:00pm
The Case That Haunts Me     
Mother and Son (S03E03)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Thu 11 Jun
Head Games (S05E05)NBC 9:00pm
In the Dark     
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Dying (S02E09)The CW 9:00pm
Dead Reckoning     
Hidden Evil (S01E02)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Bloodline Detectives     
Murder in the Snow (S01E08)Quest Red 10:00pm
A Time to Kill     
Footprints in the Snow (S01E02)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Fri 12 Jun
Harley Quinn     
A Fight Worth Fighting For (S02E11)DC Universe 09:00am
Sat 13 Jun
Accident, Suicide or Murder     
Red Sash Death (S02E06)Oxygen 6:00pm
Mark of a Killer     
Keys To A Killer (S02E10)Oxygen 7:00pm