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Sat 24 Sep
Cold Justice     
For Love or Money? (S06E16)Oxygen 8:00pm
On Patrol: First Shift     
#114 (S01E14)REELZ 8:00pm
Cold Case Files     
Taken In Tacoma (S03E06)A&E 9:00pm
On Patrol: Live     
#120 (S01E20)REELZ 9:00pm
Britain's Deadliest Mums & Dads     
The Poisoning of Garnett Spears (S02E02)Quest Red 10:00pm
American Justice     
A Deadly Con (S16E08)A&E 10:00pm
Sun 25 Sep
Tunna blå linjen     
Avsnitt 2 (S02E02)SVT Play
Black Widow Murders     
Melissa Friedrich (S01E01)Oxygen 7:00pm
Karen Pirie     
Episode 1 (S01E01)ITV 8:00pm
Episode 2 (S02E02)BBC One 9:00pm
Hudson & Rex     
Episode 1 (S05E01)Citytv 9:00pm
How It Really Happened     
Adrienne Shelly (S07E07)HLN 9:00pm
Rob Rinder's Interrogation Secrets     
Marvin Williams (S01E04)Crime & Investigation 10:00pm
City on a Hill     
Whipping Post (S03E08)Showtime 10:00pm
The Rookie     
Double Down (S05E01)ABC 10:00pm
On the Case with Paula Zahn     
Mystery in Coachella Valley (S25E04)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Still a Mystery     
The Party's Over (S05E04)Investigation Discovery 11:00pm
Mon 26 Sep
Episode 1 (S01E01)Spectrum On Demand
Episode 2 (S01E02)Spectrum On Demand
Murdoch Mysteries     
The Write Stuff (S16E03)CBC 8:00pm
Crash and Learn (S06E02)FOX 8:00pm
Avsnitt 5 (S06E05)C More 9:00pm
Inside Man     
Episode 1 (S01E01)BBC One 9:00pm
The Cleaning Lady     
Lolo and Lola (S02E02)FOX 9:00pm
Daddy Issues (S20E02)CBS 9:00pm
Fatal Attraction     
From Redemption to Revenge (S12E33)TV One 9:00pm
NCIS: Hawai'i     
Blind Curves (S02E02)CBS 10:00pm
ATL Homicide     
Harvey Rutherford (S04E06)TV One 10:00pm
Phrogging: Hider in My House     
Stranger Danger (S01E10)Lifetime 10:00pm
Sleeping with a Killer     
Jay Sewell (S01E10)Lifetime 11:00pm
Tue 27 Sep
11 Minutes     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Paramount+
Love Is Blind (S05E02)CBS 8:00pm
Inside Man     
Episode 2 (S01E02)BBC One 9:00pm
Britain's Most Evil Killers     
Nathan Matthews (S07E03)Sky Crime 9:00pm
FBI: International     
Don't Say Her Name Again (S02E02)CBS 9:00pm
Survival of the Fittest (S03E10)BET 9:00pm
Murder by the Sea     
Episode 4 (S07E04)CBS Reality 10:00pm
The Rookie: Feds     
Day One (S01E01)ABC 10:00pm
FBI: Most Wanted     
Taxman (S04E02)CBS 10:00pm
Reasonable Doubt     
The $60 Murder (S05E08)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Wed 28 Sep
Killer in My Village     
Terry Edmonds (S06E05)Sky Crime 9:00pm
999: Police and Paramedics     
Episode 7 (S01E07)5STAR 9:00pm
Court Night Live     
Episode 8 (S01E08)A&E 9:00pm
The Truth About My Murder     
Episode 2 (S01E02)CBS Reality 10:00pm
Chicago P.D.     
The Real You (S10E02)NBC 10:00pm
Big Sky     
The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep (S03E02)ABC 10:00pm
Thu 29 Sep
Law & Order     
Camouflage (S22E02)NBC 8:00pm
Killer at the Crime Scene     
Episode 10 (S02E10)5STAR 9:00pm
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit     
The One You Feed (S24E02)NBC 9:00pm
60 Days In     
Pain, Pads & Police (S07E07)A&E 9:00pm
A Killer's Mistake     
Episode 1 (S03E01)Quest Red 10:00pm
CSI: Vegas     
She's Gone (S02E01)CBS 10:00pm
Law & Order: Organized Crime     
Everybody Knows the Dice Are Loaded (S03E02)NBC 10:00pm
Fri 30 Sep
American Gigolo     
Nothing Is Real But the Girl (S01E04)Showtime on Demand
On Patrol: First Shift     
#115 (S01E15)REELZ 8:00pm
An Unexpected Killer     
A Silent Death (S03E13)Oxygen 8:00pm
Professor T     
The Family (S02E03)ITV 9:00pm
On Patrol: Live     
#121 (S01E21)REELZ 9:00pm
Sat 01 Oct
Cold Justice     
The Key to the Crime, Part 1 (S06E17)Oxygen 8:00pm
On Patrol: First Shift     
#116 (S01E16)REELZ 8:00pm
On Patrol: Live     
#122 (S01E22)REELZ 9:00pm
Killer Cases     
The Arson Murders (S03E01)A&E 10:00pm
Sun 02 Oct
Karen Pirie     
Episode 2 (S01E02)ITV 8:00pm
The Equalizer     
Boom (S03E01)CBS 8:30pm
Hudson & Rex     
Episode 2 (S05E02)Citytv 9:00pm
How It Really Happened     
Lorena Bobbitt (S07E08)HLN 9:00pm
Power Book III: Raising Kanan     
No Love Lost (S02E07)STARZ 9:00pm
East New York     
Pilot (S01E01)CBS 9:30pm
Rob Rinder's Interrogation Secrets     
Lee Rodarte Jnr (S01E05)Crime & Investigation 10:00pm
On the Case with Paula Zahn     
Room 106 (S25E05)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
The Rookie     
Labor Day (S05E02)ABC 10:00pm
Still a Mystery     
Suspicious Circumstances (S05E05)Investigation Discovery 11:00pm