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Fri 03 Apr
Future Man     
The Precipice of Yesterday (S03E01)Hulu
Future Man     
There Will Be Borscht (S03E02)Hulu
Future Man     
Trapper's Delight (S03E03)Hulu
Future Man     
The Outlaw Wild Sam (S03E04)Hulu
Future Man     
Haven Is for Real (S03E05)Hulu
Future Man     
The Land After Time (S03E06)Hulu
Future Man     
Time Rogues III: Escape From Forever (S03E07)Hulu
Future Man     
Return of the Present (S03E08)Hulu
Harley Quinn     
New Gotham (S02E01)DC Universe 09:00am
Father + Son + Father + Matriarch (S04E08)CBS 8:00pm
Hawaii Five-0     
Aloha (S10E22)CBS 9:00pm
Strike Back     
Vendetta: Episode 8 (S08E08)Cinemax 10:00pm
Vagrant Queen     
Yippee Ki Yay (S01E02)Syfy 10:00pm
Sat 04 Apr
Power Rangers     
The Blame Game (S27E06)Nickelodeon 08:00am
Teen Titans Go!     
Teen Titans Roar! (S06E16)Cartoon Network 10:00am
Sun 05 Apr
Death Battle!     
Goro Vs Machamp (S07E06)Rooster Teeth
Ben 10     
Digital Quality (S04E19)Cartoon Network 10:00am
Ben 10     
Tim Buk-tv (S04E20)Cartoon Network 10:00am
DC Super Hero Girls     
#AllAboutZee (S01E38)Cartoon Network 4:00pm
Sunken Treasure (S03E06)Cartoon Network 4:30pm
The Wall     
Essence and Valencia (S03E04)NBC 8:00pm
The Walking Dead     
The Tower (S10E15)AMC 9:00pm
Wicked Tuna     
Kraken The Code (S09E06)National Geographic Channel 9:00pm
Mon 06 Apr
New Car Smell (S32E29)Paramount Network 10:00pm
Tue 07 Apr
Deadliest Catch     
The Harris Bloodline (S16ENone)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Heavy Rescue: 401     
It's a Rush Every Time (S04E14)Discovery Channel 10:00pm
Wed 08 Apr
SEAL Team     
Drawdown (S03E17)CBS 9:00pm
Chicago Fire     
Light Things Up (S08E19)NBC 9:00pm
Stigma (S03E18)CBS 10:00pm
Thu 09 Apr
Killer Couples     
Jennifer Shanbrom and Matt Fletcher (S13E09)Oxygen 8:00pm
Station 19     
I'll Be Seeing You (S03E12)ABC 8:00pm
Brooklyn Nine-Nine     
Valloweaster (S07E11)NBC 8:30pm
60 Days In     
Pushed To The Limit (S06E15)A&E 10:00pm
Fri 10 Apr
Harley Quinn     
Riddle U (S02E02)DC Universe 09:00am
Code + Artemis + Nuclear + N3mesis (S04E09)CBS 8:00pm
Magnum P.I.     
Say Hello to Your Past (S02E15)CBS 9:00pm
Gold Rush     
Aussie Gold Hunters (S10ENone)Discovery Channel 9:00pm
Strike Back     
Vendetta: Episode 9 (S08E09)Cinemax 10:00pm
Vagrant Queen     
Nobody's Queen (S01E03)Syfy 10:00pm