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Help / Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

To get started with tv-list go to Settings, select your favorite tv shows or genres and click My Favorites in the menu to the left or go to the main page to display upcoming episodes of your favorite shows.

Another option is to use the special categories available in the menu: Top US shows, US Primetime, All Shows or show lists from other countries.

More information about a show is available by clicking the title of the show. That will expand a box with additional information and links. Here you will also have a link that adds this show to your favorites.

To get a direct link with your favorites that you can send to a friend, click My Favorites. That will take you to a page that anyone can reach, without having any favorite shows already saved.

When you are on a page that is a direct link to favorites a "save icon" will appear in the top left corner. Clicking that will save the current shows as your favorites

Searching with magnet links. When a show is expanded for more info there is a magnet link available. This can be used to search for that episode with an external application. It requires a program on your computer that can handle magnet links. It will not search other web pages.

Information about the different pages

The main page contains your favorite shows or the Top US Shows if you have not selected any favorite shows yet.
Top US Shows display the highest rated US shows.
US Primetime has the shows aired during primetime on the biggest networks.
All Shows contain all shows on all networks
Premieres display the first episode of the season for all shows, or optionally the first episode of the first season to only see new shows.
Next episode displays only the next upcoming episode of all shows.

As soon as information about an episode is available at TV Rage it will show up here in the Premieres and Next Episode sections. Some shows publish their episodes many months in advance and others only a few days before.
The other pages contain episodes for the next 8 days.

All data on this site comes from tvrage.com, but it is only updated once per day so there could be some delay before the information is displayed correctly here. Tvrage is a community driven site, so if you find wrong information you are encouraged to go there and help out.

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