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Fri 03 Apr
Into the Dark     
Pooka Lives (S02E07)Hulu
The Blacklist     
Newton Purcell (S07E13)NBC 8:00pm
Fatal Vows     
To Kiss Or To Kill (S07E12)Investigation Discovery 8:00pm
Sun 05 Apr
In Full Flight (S08E09)Showtime 9:00pm
Mon 06 Apr
Episode 6 (S02E06)ITV 9:00pm
Fatal Attraction     
Mask Of A Killer (S09E19)TV One 9:00pm
TBA (S04E01)CTV 10:00pm
Icing Conditions (S02E13)NBC 10:00pm
Game Theory and Mescaline (S01E09)USA Network 11:00pm
Tue 07 Apr
The Resident     
Burn It All Down (S03E20)FOX 8:00pm
Thu 09 Apr
Episode 7 (S01E07)Hulu
Killer Couples     
Jennifer Shanbrom and Matt Fletcher (S13E09)Oxygen 8:00pm
How to Get Away with Murder     
The Reckoning (S06E11)ABC 10:00pm
Fri 10 Apr
The Blacklist     
Twamie Ullulaq (S07E14)NBC 8:00pm
Fatal Vows     
Betting On Murder (S07E13)Investigation Discovery 8:00pm