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Wed 17 Apr
Star Wars: The Bad Batch     
Into the Breach (S03E13)Disney+
The Challenge: All Stars     
True Colors (S04E03)Paramount+
X-Men '97     
Lifedeath (Part 2) (S01E06)Disney+
Mr. Congeniality (S02E04)Apple TV+
Our Living World     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
The Grimm Variations     
Cinderella (S01E01)Netflix
Sand Land: The Series     
Episode 11 (S01E11)Disney+
Mauvais joueurs     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
The Circle     
Episode 1 (S06E01)Netflix
Palm Royale     
Maxine Bags a Prince (S01E07)Apple TV+
Under the Bridge     
Looking Glass (S01E01)Hulu
Texas Tech Co-Ed Cheer (S01E02)ESPN+
Access Hollywood     
Episode 93 (S2024E93)Syndication
Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen     
April 17, 2024 (S13E05)Peacock
The Kelly Clarkson Show     
Michael Douglas, Sunny Choi, Victor Montalvo, Ernest (S05E119)Syndication
Divorce Court     
You Used to Freak, Now You Can't Keep Up With Me: Tanya Severin vs. Lorenzo Martin (S25E149)Syndication
After Midnight     
Patty Guggenheim, Betsy Sodaro, Utkarsh Ambudkar (S01E45)CBS 00:37am
Weather for the Week Ahead     
Episode 110 (S2024E110)BBC One 01:10am
Way Too Early     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)MSNBC 05:00am
FOX & Friends First     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Fox News Channel 05:00am
17/04/2024 (S2024E63)BBC iPlayer 06:00am
Episode 108 (S2024E108)BBC One 06:00am
Episode 108 (S2024E108)Channel 5 06:00am
Episode 1 (S01E01)BBC iPlayer 06:00am
Your Morning     
Episode 172 (S08E172)CTV 06:00am
FOX & Friends     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)Fox News Channel 06:00am
Morning Joe     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)MSNBC 06:00am
CNN News Central     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)CNN 07:00am
Good Morning America     
Lily Gladstone, Anna Sawai, Robert Herjavec (S2024E78)ABC 07:00am
Drew Scott, Jonathan Scott, Gwyneth Paltrow (S2024E78)NBC 07:00am
CBS Mornings     
Hilarie Burton, Kermit Ruffins (S2024E78)CBS 07:00am
Episode 101 (S2024E101)CBBC 07:45am
Breakfast Television     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)Citytv 08:30am
Episode 77 (S14E77)ITV1 09:00am
100 Huntley Street     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)Global 09:00am
The Morning Show     
Episode 73 (S2024E73)Global 09:00am
America's Newsroom     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Fox News Channel 09:00am
Live with Kelly and Mark     
Lily Gladstone, Anderson Cooper (S02E159)Syndication 09:00am
The Steve Wilkos Show     
Everyone Is Calling Me a Murderer (S2024E52)Syndication 09:00am
Jeremy Vine     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Channel 5 09:15am
Morning Live     
Episode 8 (S06E08)BBC One 09:30am
This Morning     
Episode 77 (S36E77)ITV1 10:00am
Ana Cabrera Reports     
Episode 75 (S2024E75)MSNBC 10:00am
CNN Newsroom Daily with Jim Acosta     
Episode 38 (S2024E38)CNN 10:00am
Luke James & Mario Carbone (S02E120)Syndication 10:00am
Big Little Crimes     
Episode 8 (S02E08)BBC One 10:45am
José Díaz-Balart Reports     
Episode 74 (S2024E74)MSNBC 11:00am
Access Daily with Mario & Kit     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Syndication 11:00am
The Faulkner Focus     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Fox News Channel 11:00am
The View     
Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Dawnn Lewis, Cree Summer, Darryl Bell, Debbie Allen, Huey Lewis (S27E148)ABC 11:00am
The Jennifer Hudson Show     
Sheryl Crow, Sabrina Elba (S02E131)Syndication 11:00am
Politics Live     
Episode 47 (S2024E47)BBC Two 11:15am
Storm Huntley     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Channel 5 11:15am
The Tiny Chef Show     
Granola Bars (S02E07)Nickelodeon 11:30am
Channel 4 News Summary     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Channel 4 11:35am
Andrea Mitchell Reports     
Episode 73 (S2024E73)MSNBC 12:00am
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Fox News Channel 12:00am
Inside Politics with Dana Bash     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)CNN 12:00am
NBC News Daily     
Episode 78 (S2024E78) 12:00am
Loose Women     
Episode 77 (S28E77)ITV1 12:30am
The Young and the Restless     
Ep. #12850 (S2024E75)CBS 12:30am
BBC News at One     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)BBC One 1:00pm
Chris Jansing Reports     
Episode 75 (S2024E75)MSNBC 1:00pm
America Reports     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Fox News Channel 1:00pm
GMA3: What You Need to Know     
George Takei (S04E151)ABC 1:00pm
ITV Lunchtime News     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)ITV1 1:30pm
The Bold and the Beautiful     
Ep. #9252 (S2024E75)CBS 1:30pm
5 News Lunchtime     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Channel 5 1:40pm
On Reflection (S24E197)BBC One 1:45pm
The Social     
Episode 148 (S11E148)CTV 2:00pm
General Hospital     
Ep. #15450 (S2024E76)ABC 2:00pm
Episode 77 (S89E77)Channel 4 2:10pm
Katy Tur Reports     
Episode 76 (S2024E76)MSNBC 3:00pm
The Story     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Fox News Channel 3:00pm
The Bidding Room     
Canoe (S05E13)BBC One 3:45pm
NFL Live     
Episode 36 (S26E36)ESPN 4:00pm
Deadline: White House     
Episode 75 (S2024E75)MSNBC 4:00pm
The Lead with Jake Tapper     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)CNN 4:00pm
Al Rojo Vivo     
Capítulo 77 (S23E77)Telemundo 4:00pm
5 News     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Channel 5 5:00pm
The Chase     
Episode 78 (S16E78)ITV1 5:00pm
The Five     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)Fox News Channel 5:00pm
America Decides     
Episode 62 (S2024E62)CBS News 5:00pm
Episode 11 (S31E11)BBC One 5:15pm
CTV National News with Sandie Rinaldo     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)CTV 5:30pm
BBC News at Six     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)BBC One 6:00pm
Don't Hate Your House with the Property Brothers     
It's all in Play (S01E03)HGTV 6:00pm
Special Report     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)Fox News Channel 6:00pm
The Beat with Ari Melber     
Episode 74 (S2024E74)MSNBC 6:00pm
The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)CNN 6:00pm
ITV Evening News     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)ITV1 6:30pm
Global National     
Episode 108 (S2024E108)Global 6:30pm
NBC Nightly News     
April 17 Wed (S2024E106)NBC 6:30pm
CBS Evening News     
Episode 103 (S2024E103)CBS 6:30pm
ABC World News Tonight with David Muir     
Episode 105 (S2024E105)ABC 6:30pm
Channel 4 News     
Episode 108 (S2024E108)Channel 4 7:00pm
The One Show     
Episode 75 (S2024E75)BBC One 7:00pm
An Là     
17/04/2024 (S2024E108)BBC Alba 7:00pm
Episode 148 (S22E148)CTV 7:00pm
NBA Countdown     
Episode 25 (S2024E25)ESPN 7:00pm
The ReidOut     
Episode 73 (S2024E73)MSNBC 7:00pm
The Ingraham Angle     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Fox News Channel 7:00pm
Erin Burnett OutFront     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)CNN 7:00pm
The Daily Report with John Dickerson     
Episode 62 (S2024E62)CBS News 7:00pm
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered     
TBA (S2024E15)Oxygen 7:00pm
I've Got the Brian Confidence (S03E08)Game Show Network 7:00pm
Returning Champion Vs. Vs. , Show # 9518. (S40E158)Syndication 7:00pm
Wed 17th Apr (S53E77)ITV1 7:30pm
Wed 17 Apr 2024 (S30E75)Channel 4 7:30pm
Wheel of Fortune     
Episode 158 (S41E158)Syndication 7:30pm
Split Second     
Camp Chopped Liver (S03E08)Game Show Network 7:30pm
Entertainment Tonight     
Episode 189 (S2024E69)Syndication 7:30pm
The Catch-Up     
Episode 75 (S2024E75)BBC Three 7:45pm
Springtime on the Farm     
Episode 3 (S07E03)Channel 5 8:00pm
Coronation Street     
Wed 17 Apr (S65E47)ITV1 8:00pm
Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star     
Episode 2 (S06E02)BBC Three 8:00pm
Andi Oliver's Fabulous Feasts     
Stoke (S01E04)BBC Two 8:00pm
Scotland's Greatest Escape     
The Grand Final (S02E08)BBC Scotland 8:00pm
Raptors: A Fistful of Daggers: Extreme Lives (S42E14)PBS 8:00pm
All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite     
#237 - Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis, IN (S06E16)TBS 8:00pm
My 600-Lb. Life     
Shakyia's Journey (S12E06)TLC 8:00pm
Hide 'N Seek (S46E08)CBS 8:00pm
The Conners     
Toilet Hacks and The Management Track (S06E08)ABC 8:00pm
Lessons From the Gift Shop (S04E03)CW 8:00pm
Teen Mom Family Reunion     
Rooftop Romance & Red Flags (S03E06)MTV 8:00pm
Jesse Watters Primetime     
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Fox News Channel 8:00pm
The Masked Singer     
Group A Finals: Queen Night (S11E07)FOX 8:00pm
Pawn Stars Do America     
Michigan Moolah (S02E11)History 8:00pm
Married at First Sight     
Denver Reunion, Part 2 (S17E25)Lifetime 8:00pm
All In with Chris Hayes     
Episode 55 (S2024E55)MSNBC 8:00pm
Anderson Cooper 360°     
Episode 71 (S2024E71)CNN 8:00pm
Not Dead Yet     
Not You Yet (S02E08)ABC 8:30pm
Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir     
Derbyshire: Dipper (S02E01)Sky Arts 9:00pm
The 1980s Supermarket     
Episode 3 (S01E03)Channel 5 9:00pm
Salvage Hunters: The Restorers     
Dodgem Dealings (S06E20)Quest 9:00pm
The Bad Foot Clinic     
Kicking Up A Stink (S01E05)Really 9:00pm
Predator vs Prey     
Crocodile (S01E03)National Geographic Wild 9:00pm
Stacey Solomon's Renovation Rescue     
Episode 2 (S01E02)Channel 4 9:00pm
Race Across the World     
Episode 2 (S04E02)BBC One 9:00pm
Surgeons: At the Edge of Life     
Hope (S06E04)BBC Two 9:00pm
Drama Queens     
Episode 2 (S01E02)ITVBe 9:00pm
Murder Uncut     
The Step Mom (S01E05)Sky Crime 9:00pm
Teen First Dates     
Episode 7 (S03E07)E4 9:00pm
Abbott Elementary     
2 Ava 2 Fest (S03E10)ABC 9:00pm
Top Chef     
Supper Club (S21E05)Bravo 9:00pm
Alex Wagner Tonight     
Episode 58 (S2024E58)MSNBC 9:00pm
Animal Control     
Bunnies and Veggies (S02E06)FOX 9:00pm
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Fox News Channel 9:00pm
Guy's Grocery Games     
DDD Budget Battle (S36E09)Food Network 9:00pm
A Brief History of the Future     
Once Upon a Time (S01E03)PBS 9:00pm
Texas Metal     
'49 Ford Rust to Royalty (S07E12)MotorTrend 9:00pm
Icons Unearthed: Batman     
I'm Not Wearing Hockey Pads (S01E05)Vice TV 9:00pm
The Source with Kaitlan Collins     
Episode 65 (S2024E65)CNN 9:00pm
Big Brother Canada     
Episode 20 (S12E20)Global 9:30pm
The Amazing Race     
Our Alliance Strikes Again (S36E06)CBS 9:30pm
Family Guy     
Faith No More (S22E15)FOX 9:32pm
Red Flag     
Nearly Beaten to Death and Still Together (S01E01)W 10:00pm
Secrets of a Murder Detective     
Best Laid Plans (S01E05)True Crime 10:00pm
Weird Britain     
Devon (S01E04)BLAZE 10:00pm
BBC News at Ten     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)BBC One 10:00pm
ITV News at Ten     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)ITV1 10:00pm
Danny Dyer: How to Be a Man     
Episode 2 (S01E02)Channel 4 10:00pm
CBC News: The National     
Episode 106 (S2024E106)CBC 10:00pm
Panic Room (S03E06)Syfy 10:00pm
American Horror Story     
Little Gold Man (S12E08)FX 10:00pm
Take My Tumor     
The Man with the Talking Neck Tumor (S01E03)TLC 10:00pm
California Love (S06E13)Freeform 10:00pm
Episode 77 (S2024E77)Fox News Channel 10:00pm
Ghost Adventures: House Calls     
Mansfield Meltdown (S02E03)Discovery 10:00pm
On the Case with Paula Zahn     
The Bitter Truth (S27E07)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
Icons Unearthed: The Lord of the Rings     
Stepping Out the Front Door (S01E05)Vice TV 10:00pm
The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell     
Episode 71 (S2024E71)MSNBC 10:00pm
Pawn Stars: Best Of     
On the Road Hustles (S04E18)History 10:03pm
Watch What Happens Live     
Pam Grier, Max Greenfield (S21E67)Bravo 10:15pm
Episode 75 (S2024E75)BBC Two 10:30pm
CTV National News with Omar Sachedina     
Episode 108 (S2024E108)CTV 11:00pm
The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle     
Episode 72 (S2024E72)MSNBC 11:00pm
E! News     
041724 (S24E60)E! 11:00pm
Amanpour & Co.     
Episode 78 (S2024E78)PBS 11:00pm
Laura Coates Live     
Episode 65 (S2024E65)CNN 11:00pm
The Daily Show     
TBA (S02E35)Comedy Central 11:00pm
Inside the NBA     
Episode 25 (S2023E25)TNT 11:30pm
Jimmy Kimmel Live     
Rob McElhenney, Chris Stapleton (S2024E49)ABC 11:35pm
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert     
John Lithgow, Doris Kearns Goodwin (S2024E49)CBS 11:35pm
Thu 18 Apr
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
Star Trek: Discovery     
Face the Strange (S05E04)Paramount+
The Girls on the Bus     
Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself (S01E07)Max
Dinner with the Parents     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Amazon Freevee
Conan O'Brien Must Go     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Max
Going Home with Tyler Cameron     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Prime Video
Barbie: A Touch of Magic     
Episode 1 (S02E01)Netflix
The Upshaws     
Episode 1 (S05E01)Netflix
Massacre of the Mormons     
Episode 3 (S01E03)Max
In Memoriam     
Épisode 5 (S01E05)Crave
WWE Main Event     
Main Event 603 (S13E16)WWE Network
We Were the Lucky Ones     
Episode 6 (S01E06)Hulu
Orlando Bloom: To the Edge     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Peacock
Critical Role     
TBD (S03E92)Twitch
Diarra from Detroit     
Episode 7 (S01E07)BET+
Royal Crackers     
Rachel (S02E08)Adult Swim 00:00am
Jakten på förstasidan     
Gutamål och konsten att lyssna i Visby (S01E04)SVT Play 02:00am
The Talk     
Michaela Watkins, Sara Jane Ho (S2024E65)CBS 2:00pm
A Yorkshire Farm     
Episode 8 (S01E08)Channel 5 7:00pm
Ring of Honor Wrestling     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)Syndication 7:00pm
Bangers & Cash     
Episode 10 (S09E10)Yesterday 8:00pm
Episode 8 (S20E08)BBC One 8:00pm
Wildlife Rescue     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Channel 4 8:00pm
Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent     
The Sound of Silence (S01E07)Citytv 8:00pm
Swamp People     
Ice Cold Gamble (S15E15)History 8:00pm
TNA iMPACT!     
Episode 16 (S21E16)AXS TV 8:00pm
Young Sheldon     
An Ankle Monitor and a Big Plastic Crap House (S07E08)CBS 8:00pm
Law & Order     
Inconvenient Truth (S23E10)NBC 8:00pm
This Old House     
Glen Ridge: QR Construction (S45E20)PBS 8:00pm
Next Level Chef     
Picture Perfect (S03E13)FOX 8:00pm
America ReFramed     
Hundreds of Thousands (S12E04)World 8:00pm
Patti Stanger: The Matchmaker     
Confidence Is Key (S01E02)CW 8:00pm
House Hunters: All Stars     
Help! We Need a House in Orange County (S01E07)HGTV 8:00pm
Holes Are Bad (S03E08)CBS 8:30pm
Ask This Old House     
Rain Barrel, Pooling Patio (S22E20)PBS 8:30pm
Rob Beckett's Smart TV     
David Tennant, Roisin Conaty, Lydia West, Sara Cox (S01E08)Sky Max 9:00pm
The Hotel Inspector     
Sea Air Bed & Breakfast (S19E03)Channel 5 9:00pm
Apropos Of Apoppo (S17E04)Channel 4 9:00pm
The Apprentice     
The Final (S18E12)BBC One 9:00pm
A&E After Dark     
Episode 8 (S05E08)5STAR 9:00pm
Accused: Guilty or Innocent?     
Vengeful Shooter or Protective Father? (S06E03)A&E 9:00pm
Beat Bobby Flay     
Tame the Lion's Mane (S2024E08)Food Network 9:00pm
Summer House     
Close Encounters (S08E09)Bravo 9:00pm
So Help Me Todd     
Is The Jury Out? (S02E06)CBS 9:00pm
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit     
Combat Fatigue (S25E10)NBC 9:00pm
Lovers and Liars     
I'm Not Ready for This Convo (S01E02)CW 9:00pm
Down Home Fab     
Baby Makes Five (S02E05)HGTV 9:00pm
Farmer Wants a Wife     
Final Solo Dates (S02E10)FOX 9:00pm
Prisoners Gone Wild (S01E21)Discovery 9:00pm
Building Off the Grid     
TBA (S13E02)Magnolia Network 9:00pm
Interrogation Raw     
Massacre in Maine (S02E16)A&E 9:00pm
Swamp People: Serpent Invasion     
Backyard Blitz (S04E09)History 9:35pm
The Apprentice: You're Fired     
You're Hired (S17E12)BBC Two 10:00pm
CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip     
Episode 48 (S2024E49)CNN 10:00pm
Ball Girl (S01E05)CBS 10:00pm
The Invisible Shield     
Inoculation & Inequity (S01E03)PBS 10:00pm
Law & Order: Organized Crime     
Crossroads (S04E10)NBC 10:00pm
Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai     
Episode 3 (S01E03)TBS 11:45pm
Wild & Weird America     
Go Big or Go Home (S01E07)Discovery 11:45pm
Fri 19 Apr
Festning Norge     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Prime Video
Rebel Moon     
Part Two: The Scargiver (S01E02)Netflix
The Final Act (S01E07)Apple TV+
Small Revenge (S01E04)Apple TV+
Starry-Eyed (S01E04)Apple TV+
A Gentleman in Moscow     
Good Times (S01E04)Paramount+
Episode 1 (S02E01)Apple TV+
Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark     
TBA (S05E48)SwearNet
WWE NXT: Level Up     
Level Up 114 (S03E16)WWE Network
Single, Out     
The Birthday Boy (S02E07)Here TV
Komiker Utan Gränser     
Fejkmagiker och rullstolsgräl (S02E05)SVT Play 02:00am
Small Town Potential     
Everything Old is New Again (S01E07)HGTV 11:00am
Museum Mayhem (S02E05)Disney Channel 2:00pm
Spring Break Wipeout (S36E05)Fox Nation 6:00pm
HGTV Smart Home Giveaway     
12th Annual HGTV Smart Home Giveaway (S2024E01)HGTV 7:00pm
Beyond Paradise     
Episode 5 (S02E05)BBC One 8:00pm
An Hour to Kill     
Kunz Family (S01E05)Super Channel Fuse 8:00pm
WWE Friday Night SmackDown     
#1285 - PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA (S25E16)FOX 8:00pm
Honeytrap (S07E09)CBS 8:00pm
Code Red (S03E08)STARZ 8:00pm
The Never Ever Mets     
Offline and Off the Rails (S01E01)Oprah Winfrey Network 8:00pm
RuPaul's Drag Race     
Grand Finale (S16E16)MTV 8:00pm
Penn & Teller: Fool Us     
Magic is for the Birds (S10E19)CW 8:00pm
Gold Rush: White Water     
"Welcome to My Nightmare" (S07E08)Discovery 8:00pm
Shark Tank     
TBA (S15E21)ABC 8:00pm
Washington Week with The Atlantic     
Episode 5643 (S2024E16)PBS 8:00pm
Friday Night Vibes     
Why Did I Get Married? (2007) / Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? (S2024E14)TBS 8:00pm
On Patrol: First Shift     
#267 (S02E67)REELZ 8:00pm
Firing Line with Margaret Hoover     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)PBS 8:30pm
Have I Got News for You     
Alexander Armstrong, Jo Brand (S67E03)BBC One 9:00pm
Love During Lockup     
The Watcher & The Dancer (S04E01)WE tv 9:00pm
Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog     
Perfect Match (S04E02)National Geographic 9:00pm
Best Bite in Town     
Joplin (S01E02)Food Network 9:00pm
On Patrol: Live     
#267 (S02E67)REELZ 9:00pm
Great Performances     
Now Hear This: Virtuosos (S51E09)PBS 9:00pm
My Lottery Dream Home     
Family Bonds (S16E03)HGTV 9:00pm
Great Performances: Now Hear This     
Virtuosos (S05E02)PBS 9:00pm
Next at the Kennedy Center     
Joshua Redman, where are we (S02E05)PBS 9:00pm
America's Backyard Gold     
Carolina Rare Gold (S01E06)Discovery 9:01pm
The Barnes Bunch     
Episode 1 (S01E01)WE tv 10:00pm
Mysteries of the Abandoned: Hidden America     
The Forgotten Soldiers of Camp Naco (S03E03)Discovery 10:00pm
Real Time with Bill Maher     
April 19, 2024 (S22E12)HBO 10:00pm
Haunted Hospitals     
Episode 3 (S05E03)Travel Channel 10:00pm
Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show     
Road Trip (S01E04)HBO 11:00pm
Sat 20 Apr
The Great Indian Kapil Show     
Episode 4 (S01E04)Netflix
High Hopes     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Hulu
Weekends with Yankee     
New England's Best (S08E03)PBS
Tack för musiken     
Per Gessle (S05E02)SVT Play 02:00am
Fångarna på fortet     
Johan Rabaeus vs. Dan Ekborg (S28E06)TV4 Play 02:00am
Good Morning America: Weekend Edition     
April 20, 2024 (S2024E31)ABC 07:00am
CBS Saturday Morning     
April 20, 2024 (S03E28)CBS 07:00am
The Weekend     
Episode 29 (S01E29)MSNBC 08:00am
First of All with Victor Blackwell     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)CNN 08:00am
Sam's Garage     
Back to School (S12E03)MotorTrend 08:00am
Katie Piper's Breakfast Show     
Episode 3 (S03E03)ITV1 08:25am
RV There Yet?     
Cincy Region (S02E14)Discovery 08:30am
Episode 16 (S2024E16)CNN 09:00am
Monsters at Work     
It's Coming From Inside the House (S02E05)Disney Channel 10:00am
Zombie House Flipping     
Tampa: Peppertree (S06E16)A&E 10:00am
Episode 31 (S2024E31)MSNBC 10:00am
The Pioneer Woman     
Spicy Sister Supper (S37E13)Food Network 10:00am
The Chris Wallace Show     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)CNN 10:00am
Cavuto Live     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)Fox News Channel 10:00am
48 Hours to Buy     
Hainesport, NJ to Miami, FL (S01E04)A&E 11:00am
The Kitchen     
Master the Classics (S36E10)Food Network 11:00am
The Amanpour Hour     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)CNN 11:00am
Prue Leith's Cotswold Kitchen     
YolanDa Brown (S01E07)ITV1 11:40am
Football Focus     
20/04/2024 (S23E36)BBC One 12:00am
Property Virgins     
Champagne Problems (S14E07)HGTV 12:00am
The Katie Phang Show     
Episode 18 (S2024E18)MSNBC 12:00am
Formula 1     
F1 Chinese GP Qualifying + Sprint Shootout + Sprint... Highlights (S2024E09)Channel 4 12:15am
Alex Witt Reports     
Episode 31 (S2024E31)MSNBC 1:00pm
Design Goals     
Basketball Gym on a Budget (S01E06)Magnolia Network 2:00pm
America's Test Kitchen     
Passover Celebration (S24E13)PBS 2:30pm
Journal Editorial Report     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)Fox News Channel 3:00pm
Episode 27 (S2024E27)MSNBC 5:00pm
In for a Penny     
Episode 1 (S06E01)ITV1 6:00pm
AMA Supercross     
Round #14: Nashville (S2024E14)Peacock 6:00pm
The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart     
Episode 14 (S2024E14)MSNBC 6:00pm
FOX Report with Jon Scott     
Episode 31 (S2024E31)Fox News Channel 6:00pm
5 News Weekend     
Episode 30 (S2024E30)Channel 5 6:25pm
In With A Shout     
Episode 1 (S02E01)ITV1 6:30pm
Bettany Hughes Treasures of the World     
Turkey (S03E03)Channel 4 7:00pm
Episode 29 (S2024E29)MSNBC 7:00pm
The Big Weekend Show     
Episode 31 (S2024E31)Fox News Channel 7:00pm
Britain's Got Talent     
Auditions 1 (S17E01)ITV1 7:30pm
Secrets of the Royal Palaces     
Victoria's Palaces (S05E03)Channel 5 8:00pm
Monster Jam     
Tampa 1 (S21E12)MAVTV 8:00pm
AEW: Collision     
#42 - Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, IL (S02E16)TNT 8:00pm
Two for One     
Paul Thomas Anderson - The Bad News Bears (1976) & Bugsy Malone (1976) (S01E03)TCM 8:00pm
Love & Marriage: DC     
Reunion: Part 2 (S03E13)Oprah Winfrey Network 8:00pm
WOW - Women of Wrestling     
#32 (S05E32)Syndication 8:00pm
Life, Liberty & Levin     
Episode 31 (S2024E31)Fox News Channel 8:00pm
Cold Justice     
Bound and Gagged (S07E09)Oxygen 8:00pm
BGT Reacts     
Episode 1 (S01E01)ITVX 8:55pm
English Football League Highlights     
Episode 40 (S2024E40)ITV4 9:00pm
Inside Monster Jam     
Myranda Cozad and Brandon Arthur (S03E12)MAVTV 9:00pm
One Nation with Brian Kilmeade     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)Fox News Channel 9:00pm
Critter Fixers: Country Vets     
Homecoming Heroes (S06E06)National Geographic Wild 9:00pm
AEW: Rampage     
#142 - Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, IL (S04E16)TNT 10:00pm
Fox News Saturday Night     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)Fox News Channel 10:00pm
Rocky Rapids Vet 9-1-1     
Vet Techs (S02E08)National Geographic Wild 10:00pm
48 Hours     
Death By Eyedrops (S36E28)CBS 10:00pm
Match of the Day     
20/04/2024 (S2024E48)BBC One 10:20pm
Ninja Kamui     
Episode 11 (S01E11)Adult Swim 11:00pm
Sun 21 Apr
Secrets of the Octopus     
Shapeshifters (S01E01)Disney+
Impimpi (S01E04)AMC+
FOX News Sunday     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)FOX 08:00am
Inside Politics with Manu Raju     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)CNN 08:00am
Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist     
April 21, 2024 (S08E30)NBC 08:00am
Monster Jam Arena in 30     
Pittsburg (S02E06)MAVTV 08:30am
Motorhead Garage     
Racing Safety Gear, Highest Quality Springs (S12E16)MotorTrend 08:30am
State of the Union with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash     
Sunday, April 21, 2024, 9AM (S2024E16)CNN 09:00am
Meet the Press     
Apr. 21 - (S2024E15)NBC 09:00am
CBS News Sunday Morning     
April 21, 2024 (S2024E16)CBS 09:00am
Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)Fox News Channel 10:00am
Fareed Zakaria GPS     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)CNN 10:00am
This Week     
April 21, 2024 (S2024E16)ABC 10:00am
Face the Nation     
4/21: (S2024E16)CBS 10:30am
Episode 16 (S2024E16)Fox News Channel 11:00am
Girl Meets Farm     
Post Library Play Group (S14E03)Food Network 11:00am
Raymond Blanc's Royal Kitchen Gardens     
Dumfries House (S01E08)ITV1 11:30am
Be My Guest with Ina Garten     
Jennifer Garner (S04E01)Food Network 12:00am
Inside with Jen Psaki     
Episode 32 (S2024E32)MSNBC 12:00am
Living Abroad (S01E07)CNBC 4:00pm
Macaque Island     
Clash Of The Alphas (S01E03)Sky Nature 6:00pm
The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart     
Episode 15 (S2024E15)MSNBC 6:00pm
Into the Wild Frontier     
Joe Meek: A Fearless Fighter (S04E05)insp 6:00pm
Snapped: Killer Couples     
Crystal Brinson and Byron Boutin (S18E08)Oxygen 6:00pm
Collector's Call     
Kenneth Guinup: Weird Al (S05E03)Me-TV 6:30pm
Cold (S01E04)BBC One 7:00pm
Sullivan's Crossing     
A Storm Is Brewing (S02E02)CTV 7:00pm
America's Funniest Home Videos     
TBA (S34E18)ABC 7:00pm
Aquí y Ahora     
Episode 15 (S2024E15)Univision 7:00pm
Sin City Murders     
Bombing at the Luxor Casino (S01E09)Oxygen 7:00pm
60 Minutes     
April 21, 2024 (S56E27)CBS 7:00pm
Ancient Bodies: Secrets Revealed     
Tollund Man: Peaceful in the Peat (S01E05)National Geographic 8:00pm
The Tube: Keeping London Moving     
Episode 6 (S01E06)Channel 5 8:00pm
All Elite Wrestling PPV     
Dynasty - Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, MO (S2024E02)B/RLive 8:00pm
Home Town     
English Country Cottage (S08E15)HGTV 8:00pm
The Equalizer     
DOA (S04E06)CBS 8:00pm
WWE Rivals     
Hulk Hogan vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage (S04E01)A&E 8:00pm
The Simpsons     
Cremains of the Day (S35E15)FOX 8:00pm
Naked and Afraid     
Hit by Hippos (S17E10)Discovery 8:00pm
American Idol     
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (S22E12)ABC 8:00pm
90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?     
The Itsy Bitsy Liar (S08E06)TLC 8:00pm
Sterling and Nina Agdal LXII (S38E32)MTV 8:00pm
24 in 24: Last Chef Standing     
Adaptability & Resourcefulness (S01E02)Food Network 8:00pm
Muse Your Illusion (S01E19)FOX 8:30pm
Episode 6 (S07E06)Channel 4 9:00pm
Inside The Hilton: Park Lane     
Episode 3 (S01E03)Channel 5 9:00pm
Chingy (S17E15)TV One 9:00pm
When Calls the Heart     
Steps Forward (S11E03)Hallmark Channel 9:00pm
WWE's Most Wanted Treasures     
Dusty Rhodes (S03E02)A&E 9:00pm
Summer House: Martha's Vineyard     
The Worst Kept Secret (S02E05)Bravo 9:00pm
Aurora (S01E09)CBS 9:00pm
The Great North     
High Expectations Adventure (S04E11)FOX 9:00pm
Beacon 23     
Iris (S02E03)MGM+ 9:00pm
Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy     
Episode 16 (S2024E16)Fox News Channel 9:00pm
The Sympathizer     
Good Little Asian (S01E02)HBO 9:00pm
Evil Lives Here     
He Asked Me to Be His Hitman (S15E09)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Paranormal Caught on Camera     
Demonic Doll Attack in West Virginia and More (S07E01)Travel Channel 9:00pm
Yellowstone Wardens     
If I Was a Bettin' Man (S04E06)Animal Planet 9:00pm
Blue Ridge     
Heels and Faces (S01E03)Cowboy Way Channel 9:00pm
The Food That Built America     
Planet Mars (S05E08)History 9:00pm
The Big Trouble with Lil' Betsy (S01E10)FOX 9:30pm
Raz-B (S06E14)TV One 10:00pm
The Jinx - Part Two     
Why Are You Still Here? (S01E01)HBO 10:00pm
CSI: Vegas     
Atomic City (S03E06)CBS 10:00pm
What Would You Do?     
Episode 8 (S2024E08)ABC 10:00pm
Bar Rescue     
Losing the Playoffs (S09E09)Paramount Network 10:00pm
90 Day Pillow Talk: Happily Ever After?     
The Itsy Bitsy Liar (S05E06)TLC 10:00pm
Red Eye     
Episode 1 (S01E01)ITVX 10:05pm
Match of the Day 2     
21/04/2024 (S2023E33)BBC One 10:30pm
Love & Translation     
Ja or Nein? (S01E13)TLC 11:00pm
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver     
April 21, 2024 (S11E09)HBO 11:00pm
Mon 22 Apr
CoComelon Lane     
Episode 1 (S02E01)Netflix
Les Traîtres     
Quitte ou double (S01E03)Noovo
RAW Talk     
Raw Talk 212 (S08E17)WWE Network
Atop the Fourth Wall     
House on Haunted Hill Night (S16E15)Blip
CBS News Roundup     
Episode 1 (S01E01)CBS News 01:00am
25 Words or Less     
TBA (S05E136)Syndication 12:30am
Alan Titchmarsh's Gardening Club     
Episode 7 (S01E07)ITV1 2:00pm
Escape to the Country     
The Chilterns (S24E42)BBC One 3:00pm
The Motorway Cops: Catching Britain's Speeders     
Episode 2 (S05E02)Channel 5 8:00pm
Jamie's Air Fryer Meals     
Episode 2 (S01E02)Channel 4 8:00pm
Laver pour gagner     
Rapides et efficaces (S01E03)TVA 8:00pm
WWE Monday Night RAW     
#1613 - Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH (S31E17)USA Network 8:00pm
High Stakes Poker     
Episode 9 (S12E09)Vice TV 8:00pm
All American     
Black Out (S06E04)CW 8:00pm
Nick And Emily (S24E07)A&E 8:00pm
90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise     
Episode 1 (S04E01)TLC 8:00pm
Spring Baking Championship     
Music Festival (S10E09)Food Network 8:00pm
The Neighborhood     
Welcome to the Baby Shower (S06E08)CBS 8:00pm
The Voice     
Pretaped Playoffs - 2 Teams > 10 Performances (S25E14)NBC 8:00pm
Afropop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange     
Freedom Hill (S16E04)World 8:00pm
MasterChef Junior     
Pancakes & Ice Cream (S09E06)FOX 8:00pm
Studio C     
Human Heads for Horses (S17E08)BYUtv 8:00pm
Bob ♥ Abishola     
These Giants are Flexible (S05E11)CBS 8:30pm
Find It, Fix It, Flog It     
Episode 5 (S08E05)Yesterday 9:00pm
Inside the Force: 24/7     
Episode 6 (S03E06)Channel 5 9:00pm
The Yorkshire Auction House     
Angus Pulls A Cracker (S04E16)Really 9:00pm
Scott's Vacation House Rules     
Sue & Daughters - Coastal Cottage (S05E01)HGTV 9:00pm
American Experience     
Poisoned Ground: The Tragedy at Love Canal (S36E04)PBS 9:00pm
Ugliest House in America     
The Hideous Midwest (S05E01)HGTV 9:00pm
The Synanon Fix     
Strap yourself to the mast (S01E04)HBO 9:00pm
The Rachel Maddow Show     
Episode 15 (S2024E15)MSNBC 9:00pm
Below Deck     
Bit of an Ick (S11E12)Bravo 9:00pm
Heartless (S21E08)CBS 9:00pm
The UnXplained Special Presentation     
Decoding Genius (S01E10)History 9:00pm
Seeking Sister Wife     
Seeking the Unexpected (S05E08)TLC 9:00pm
So You Think You Can Dance     
Challenge #2: Broadway (S18E06)FOX 9:00pm
Rachael Ray's Meals in Minutes     
Pork Chops with Twice-Cooked Potatoes (S01E03)FYI, 9:00pm
Lethally Blonde     
Hollywood Thriller (S01E05)Investigation Discovery 10:00pm
The Interrogation Tapes     
Sins of the Father (S01E04)ABC 10:00pm
NCIS: Hawaiʻi     
Into Thin Air (S03E08)CBS 10:00pm
Deal or No Deal Island     
Are You Ruthless? (S01E09)NBC 10:00pm
The Proof Is Out There: Military Mysteries     
Ghost Armies; Missing Pilot; Lost Bomber; Inside the A-130 (S01E01)History 10:03pm
Tue 23 Apr
TBD (S01E01)Netflix
Fight for Paradise: Wem kannst Du trauen?     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
Chapter Ten: A Dream of a Dream (S01E10)Hulu
Roadkill Garage     
Bootleg Ford Fixing and Road Trip! (S09E01)Motor Trend On Demand
Allmoge och hostablad (S13E06)SVT Play 02:00am
Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL     
Episode 3 (S2024E03)ESPN2 7:00pm
Dream Car Fixers     
VE Beetle Cabriolet (S01E08)Yesterday 8:00pm
The Yorkshire Vet     
Episode 1 (S18E01)Channel 5 8:00pm
For the Love of Dogs     
Episode 2 (S01E02)ITV1 8:00pm
Aldi's Next Big Thing     
Episode 4 (S02E04)Channel 4 8:00pm
Hudson & Rex     
Wag the Dog (S06E15)Citytv 8:00pm
Canada's Got Talent     
Auditions 6 (S04E06)Citytv 8:00pm
Lopez vs Lopez     
Lopez vs Dreams (S02E07)NBC 8:00pm
Crime Nation     
Death in the Ozarks (S01E09)CW 8:00pm
WWE NXT     
NXT Spring Breakin' (S18E17)USA Network 8:00pm
Vanderpump Rules     
Episode 13 (S11E13)Bravo 8:00pm
Family Affair (S06E10)CBS 8:00pm
Carolina Crash Course (S13E12)Discovery 8:00pm
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta     
Hard Pressed (S11E31)MTV 8:00pm
Royal Autopsy     
Anne: The Forgotten Queen (S02E04)Sky History 9:00pm
Michael Palin in Nigeria     
Episode 2 (S01E02)Channel 5 9:00pm
QI XL     
Underground and Underwater (S16E14)BBC Two 9:00pm
Neighborhood Wars     
Survey Says . . . Fight! (S06E05)A&E 9:00pm
FBI: International     
Red Light (S03E10)CBS 9:00pm
Wildcard Kitchen     
Friends in High-Stakes Places (S01E07)Food Network 9:00pm
Mud Madness     
Smash and Drag (S01E03)Discovery 9:00pm
Weakest Link     
You May Call Me Miss Lynch (S03E13)NBC 9:00pm
Farmhouse Fixer     
Return of the Salem Witch Trial House (S03E01)HGTV 9:00pm
The Valley     
Episode 6 (S01E06)Bravo 9:00pm
Little People, Big World     
Time to Move On? (S25E10)TLC 9:00pm
Body Cam     
A Hail of Bullets (S08E09)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise     
Sunday Not-So-Funday (S01E04)Freeform 9:30pm
Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable     
Tim Renkow, Alex Jones, Iain Stirling (S04E07)Dave 10:00pm
Underground and Underwater (S21E14)BBC iPlayer 10:00pm
Dark Side of the Ring     
Sensational Sherri (S05E08)Vice TV 10:00pm
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch     
What's Up (S05E01)History 10:00pm
Independent Lens     
One With the Whale (S25E15)PBS 10:00pm
FBI: Most Wanted     
Bonne Terre (S05E10)CBS 10:00pm
Moonshiners: Master Distiller     
Tickle's Billion-Buck Booze (S05E08)Discovery 10:00pm
Wed 24 Apr
The Big Door Prize     
Episode 1 (S02E01)Apple TV+
I dina händer     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
My 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now?     
Episode 1 (S09E01)TLC 8:00pm
Avsnitt 1 (S03E01)C More 9:00pm
The Red King     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Alibi 9:00pm
Hold the Front Page     
Isle of Wight County Press (S02E01)Sky Max 9:00pm
To Catch a Smuggler     
Cocaine Leaks and Ancient Greeks (S07E01)National Geographic 9:00pm
Texas Metal's Loud and Lifted     
'93 Burban and Firebird Smoke (S02E06)MotorTrend 10:00pm
Thu 25 Apr
Johnson & Knopfler's Music Legends     
Tom Jones (S01E01)Sky Arts
Episode 1 (S02E01)Prime Video
Dead Boy Detectives     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
Episode 1 (S02E01)Max
My Mane Problem     
Episode 1 (S02E01)ALLBLK
The NFL Draft     
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1 in Detroit, Michigan (S2024E01)NFL Network 8:00pm
The First 48 Presents Critical Minutes     
Brave Witnesses (S03E06)A&E 8:00pm
Reuben Owen: Life in the Dales     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Channel 5 9:00pm
Joe and Katherine's Bargain Holidays     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Channel 4 10:00pm
Fri 26 Apr
The Warrior (S01E01)Paramount+
The Asunta Case     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
Luxe Listings Toronto     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Prime Video
Goodbye Earth     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Hulu
A Kind of Spark     
TBA (S02E01)BBC iPlayer 06:00am
We're Here     
Tennessee, Part 1 (S04E01)HBO 9:00pm
100 Days to Indy     
Episode 1 (S02E01)CW 9:00pm
Curious Caterer     
Foiled Plans (S2024E01)Hallmark Movies & Mysteries 9:00pm
Fire Country     
A Hail Mary (S02E07)CBS 9:00pm
The New York Times Presents     
Broken Horses (S04E01)FX 10:00pm
Blue Bloods     
On the Ropes (S14E07)CBS 10:00pm
Sat 27 Apr
UFC Fight Night     
UFC on ESPN 55: Nicolau vs. Perez (S2024E10)ESPN+ 4:00pm
If You Can't Stand the Heat (S15E01)PBS 5:00pm
White House Correspondents' Association Dinner     
The White House Correspondents' Dinner 2024 (S2024E01)CNN 7:00pm
AFI Life Achievement Award     
A Tribute to Nicole Kidman (S2023E01)TNT 10:00pm
Sun 28 Apr
How It Really Happened     
Titanic Part 1: A Clear and Starry Night (S08E01)CNN 9:00pm
Wicked Tuna     
To Get It Done, Two is Better Than One (S13E08)National Geographic 9:00pm
The Mega-Brands That Built America     
End of the Landlines (S02E01)History 9:00pm
MILF Manor     
Episode 1 (S02E01)TLC 10:00pm
How Disney Built America     
The Birth of Mickey (S01E01)History 10:00pm
Tue 30 Apr
Am I Wrong..? (S01E01)Netflix
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction     
John Mulaney (S04ENone)Netflix
The Veil     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Hulu
The Cleaning Lady     
TBA (S03E08)FOX 8:00pm
Catfish: The TV Show     
Jeni & Elijah (S09E01)MTV 8:00pm
Will Trent     
Have You Never Been to A Wedding? (S02E07)ABC 8:00pm
Hostage Rescue     
Episode 1 (S01E01)CW 9:00pm
The Rookie     
Crushed (S06E07)ABC 9:00pm
Alert: Missing Persons Unit     
TBA (S02E08)FOX 9:00pm
The Good Doctor     
Faith (S07E07)ABC 10:00pm
Howie Mandel & Jimmy Fallon (S02E07)NBC 10:00pm
Wed 01 May
Episode 1 (S03E01)Apple TV+
Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
Episode 1 (S01E01)Disney+
Dance Moms     
Dance Moms: The Reunion (S08ENone)Lifetime 8:00pm
Chicago Med     
You Just Might Find You Get What You Need (S09E10)NBC 8:00pm
Jeopardy! Masters     
Games 1 & 2 (S02E01)ABC 8:00pm
Chicago Fire     
The Wrong Guy (S12E10)NBC 9:00pm
Supermarket Stakeout     
Episode 1 (S06E01)Food Network 9:00pm
Chicago P.D.     
Buried Pieces (S11E10)NBC 10:00pm
Thu 02 May
Episode 1 (S03E01)Max
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
A Man in Full     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
The Tattooist of Auschwitz     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Sky Atlantic 03:00am
Selena + Restaurant     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Food Network 7:00pm
There Goes the Groom (S07E06)ABC 8:00pm
Grey's Anatomy     
The Marathon Continues (S20E06)ABC 9:00pm
Welcome to Wrexham     
Welcome to the EFL (S03E01)FX 10:00pm
Station 19     
With So Little To Be Sure Of (S07E06)ABC 10:00pm
Fri 03 May
Clarkson's Farm     
Episode 1 (S03E01)Prime Video
Selling The OC     
Episode 1 (S03E01)Netflix
John Mulaney Presents: Everybody's in L.A.     
TBA (S01E01)Netflix
ITV Studio Sessions     
Episode 1 (S01E01)ITVX 06:00am
Zillow Gone Wild     
Episode 1 (S01E01)HGTV 10:30pm
Sat 04 May
Star Wars: Tales of the Empire     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Disney+
WWE Premium Live Events     
Backlash 2024 - LDLC Arena in Lyon-Décines, France (S2024E05)Peacock 1:00pm
Kentucky Derby     
The 150th Annual Kentucky Derby (S2024E01)NBC 2:30pm
UFC PPV Events     
UFC 301: Pantoja vs. Erceg (S2024E05)Pay-Per-View 6:00pm
Saturday Night Live     
Dua Lipa (S49E18)NBC 11:29pm
Sun 05 May
The Real Housewives of New Jersey     
Episode 1 (S14E01)Bravo 8:00pm
Mon 06 May
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune     
TBA (S04E09)ABC 9:00pm
OMG Fashun     
Episode 1 (S01E01)E! 9:00pm
Next Baking Master: Paris     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Food Network 9:00pm
Tue 07 May
Super Rich in Korea     
TBA (S01E01)Netflix
Episode 1 (S10E01)TLC 9:00pm
The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down     
TBA (S09E06)History 10:00pm
Wed 08 May
Dark Matter     
Are You Happy in Your Life? (S01E01)Apple TV+
Reginald the Vampire     
TBA (S02E01)Syfy 10:00pm
Thu 09 May
Pretty Little Liars     
Chapter Eleven: Loose Ends (S02E01)Max
Maxton Hall - Die Welt zwischen uns     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Prime Video
TBA (S01E01)Netflix
Blood of Zeus     
A Shadow Emerges (S02E01)Netflix
Love Undercover     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Peacock
Black Twitter: A People's History     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Hulu
Fri 10 May
The Chi     
Episode 9 (S06E09)Paramount+
Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of César Román     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
The Ultimatum: South Africa     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
Doctor Who     
Space Babies (S01E01)BBC iPlayer 00:00am
Sat 11 May
Smiling Friends     
Gwimbly: Definitive Remastered Enhanced Extended Edition DX 4k (Anniversary Director's Cut) (S02E01)Adult Swim 00:00am
Sun 12 May
Interview with the Vampire     
TBA (S02E01)AMC+
The British Academy Television Awards     
The 71st British Academy Television Awards (S2024E01)BBC One 7:00pm
Naked and Afraid XL     
Episode 1 (S10E01)Discovery 8:00pm
NBA Draft Combine     
2024 NBA Draft Combine (Live) (S2024E01)ESPN2 8:30pm
American Ninja Warrior     
Women's championship (S16ENone)NBC 9:00pm
Mon 13 May
Summer Baking Championship     
TBA (S02E01)Food Network 8:00pm
Tue 14 May
Doubling Down with the Derricos     
Episode 1 (S05E01)TLC 8:00pm
Wed 15 May
In the Kitchen with Harry Hamlin     
Episode 1 (S01E01)IFC
Secrets in Your Data (S51E15)PBS 9:00pm
Killer Cases     
The Sex Therapist (S05E01)A&E 9:00pm
Royal Rules of Ohio     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Freeform 10:30pm
Thu 16 May
Out of the Shadows (S03E01)Netflix
Outer Range     
Episode 1 (S02E01)Prime Video
Academy of Country Music Awards     
The 59th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards (S2024E01)Prime Video
Don't Forget the Lyrics!     
TBA (S03E01)FOX 9:00pm
Fri 17 May
The Big Cigar     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Apple TV+
The 8 Show     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Netflix
Sat 18 May
Preakness Stakes     
The 149th Preakness Stakes (S03E01)NBC 4:00pm
Sun 19 May
Ciao House     
Episode 1 (S02E01)Food Network 8:00pm
Mon 20 May
The Price is Right at Night     
TBA (S02E28)CBS 8:00pm
Race to Survive: New Zealand     
Episode 1 (S01E01)USA Network 11:00pm
Tue 21 May
MILF of Norway     
Episode 1 (S01E01)Max
Wed 22 May
TBA (S04E01)Apple TV+
Episode 1 (S01E01)Disney+
Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars     
TBA (S02E01)FOX 8:00pm
Thu 23 May