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Wed 11 Dec
Ryan's Mystery Playdate     
Ryan's Swift Playdate (S02E16)Nickelodeon 12:00am
Operation Ouch!     
Episode 14 (S08E14)CBBC 5:30pm
Thu 12 Dec
Hey Duggee     
The Election Badge (S03E22)CBeebies 07:35am
Ryan's Mystery Playdate     
Ryan's Delicious Playdate (S02E17)Nickelodeon 12:00am
Fri 13 Dec
Muppet Babies     
Run Fozzie Run (S02E15)Disney Junior 10:30am
Muppet Babies     
My Brother Vinny (S02E16)Disney Junior 10:45am
The Rocketeer     
Downhill Derby (S01E07)Disney Channel 11:00am
The Rocketeer     
Flight Class Heroes (S01E08)Disney Channel 11:15am
Blue's Clues & You!     
Getting Glasses with Magenta (S01E09)Nick Jr. 12:00am
Gabby Duran & the Unsittables     
The Party King and Timbuk, Too (S01E09)Disney Channel 9:00pm
Sat 14 Dec
Power Rangers     
Scrozzle's Revenge (S26E22)Nickelodeon 08:00am
Sesame Street     
A Dog and a Song! (S50E05)HBO 09:00am
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu     
The Never-realm (S11E26)Cartoon Network 5:30pm
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu     
Fire Maker (S11E27)Cartoon Network 5:30pm
Sun 15 Dec
Pup Academy     
The Stray's Last Day (S01E19)Disney Channel 10:00am
Sunny Day     
On Thin Ice (S02E12)Nickelodeon 10:30am
Shimmer and Shine     
Zeashell Surprise (S04E53)Nickelodeon 12:00am
Shimmer and Shine     
The Zahramay Zuffer-puff (S04E54)Nickelodeon 12:15am
Mon 16 Dec
Ryan's Mystery Playdate     
Ryan's Leading Playdate (S02E18)Nickelodeon 12:00am
Tue 17 Dec
Ryan's Mystery Playdate     
Ryan's Balanced Playdate (S02E19)Nickelodeon 12:00am
Wed 18 Dec
Ryan's Mystery Playdate     
Ryan's Spectacular Playdate (S02E20)Nickelodeon 12:00am
Thu 19 Dec
Ryan's Mystery Playdate     
Ryan's Feathery Playdate (S02E21)Nickelodeon 12:00am