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Wed 24 Feb
Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks     
Unboxing Day (S05E03)Nickelodeon 4:00pm
Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks     
Dave's Pavilion (S05E04)Nickelodeon 4:15pm
Thu 25 Feb
Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks     
U-fly (S05E05)Nickelodeon 4:00pm
Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks     
Yeti Or Not (S05E06)Nickelodeon 4:15pm
The Substitute     
Juanpa Zurita (S02E12)Nickelodeon 7:30pm
Fri 26 Feb
Go Baby Go (S02E32)Disney Channel 09:30am
Baby Freddy (S02E33)Disney Channel 09:45am
Puppy Dog Pals     
Pups of the Dance (S04E11)Disney Channel 10:00am
Puppy Dog Pals     
Fantastic Pet Force Gems (S04E12)Disney Channel 10:15am
Ryan's Mystery Playdate     
Ryan's Underwater Playdate (S03E38)Nickelodeon 10:30am
Ryan's Mystery Playdate     
Ryan's Ballin' Playdate (S03E39)Nickelodeon 10:45am
Bubble Guppies     
It's A Lizard! (S05E18)Nick Jr. 11:00am
Heart & Soul     
Body Image (S01E04)Brat 3:00pm
Muppet Babies     
The Ribbiter (S03E15)Disney Junior 5:00pm
Muppet Babies     
Presto Uh Oh (S03E16)Disney Junior 5:00pm
Raucous Science (S05E07)Disney Channel 7:30pm
Secrets of Sulphur Springs     
As Time Goes By (S01E09)Disney Channel 8:00pm
Are You Afraid of the Dark?     
The Tale Of The Phantom Light (S02E03)Nickelodeon 8:00pm
The Adventures of Paddington     
Paddington's Squirrel Surprise (S02E03)Nick Jr. 8:30pm
Sat 27 Feb
Power Rangers     
Sporix Unleashed (S28E02)Nickelodeon 08:00am
Pikwik Pack     
The Snower Express (S01E17)Disney Junior 08:30am
Pikwik Pack     
Hazel's Naptime (S01E18)Disney Junior 08:30am
Total DramaRama     
Encore'tney (S02E46)Cartoon Network 09:30am
Side Hustle     
Karaoke Kickoff (S01E11)Nickelodeon 8:30pm
Mon 01 Mar
The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker! (S03E20)Disney XD 09:30am