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Sat 15 Dec
Free for All Part I (S01E09)ITV 08:30am
Sesame Street     
Elmo's Factory (S49E05)HBO 09:00am
Flunicula (S03E11)Cartoon Network 09:30am
So Campy (S03E12)Cartoon Network 09:30am
Total DramaRama     
Paint That a Shame (S01E21)Teletoon 6:30pm
Sun 16 Dec
Art Ninja     
Day of the Not Christmas (S05E01)CBBC 09:30am
Brat Chat     
TBA (S2018E21)Brat 6:00pm
Tue 18 Dec
Wag the Dog (S03E13)Cartoon Network 09:30am
Back in Thyme (S03E14)Cartoon Network 09:30am
Fri 21 Dec
Blaze and the Monster Machines     
Snow Day Showdown (S04E12)Nickelodeon 12:30am
CBeebies Panto     
CBeebies Thumbelina (S2018E01)CBeebies 5:00pm
Sat 22 Dec
Free for All Part II (S01E10)ITV 08:30am
Sesame Street     
Math Magic (S49E06)HBO 09:00am
Hat-Cat (S03E15)Cartoon Network 09:30am
Popper Master (S03E16)Cartoon Network 09:30am
Total DramaRama     
Snots Landing (S01E22)Teletoon 6:30pm