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Mon 25 Oct
Binky Wrestles with a Story/All Will Be Revealed (S25E01)PBS 4:00pm
Tue 26 Oct
Victor & Valentino     
Puzzlemaster (S03E10)Cartoon Network 09:30am
Chicken Girls     
TBA (S09E01)Brat 3:00pm
Making Conversation/A Cloudy Day (S25E02)PBS 4:00pm
Wed 27 Oct
Listen Up/Arthur's New Old Vacation (S25E03)PBS 4:00pm
Thu 28 Oct
TBC (S06E08)Brat 3:00pm
Blabbermouth/All Grown Up (S25E04)PBS 4:00pm
Apple & Onion     
Eyesore a Sunset (S03E01)Cartoon Network 7:00pm
That Girl Lay Lay     
BoomBox Burger Bop (S01E06)Nickelodeon 7:30pm
It's Pony     
Raiders of the Lost Cinema (S02E01)Nickelodeon 8:00pm
Fri 29 Oct
Blue's Clues & You!     
Blue's Big Costume Parade (S03E03)Nickelodeon 12:00am
Total DramaRama     
Gwen Scary, Gwen Lost (S03E29)Cartoon Network 7:00pm
The Loud House     
How the Best Was Won (S05E37)Nickelodeon 7:00pm
The Loud House     
Animal House (S05E38)Nickelodeon 7:00pm
Sydney to the Max     
Family Buy (S03E17)Disney Channel 8:00pm
Gabby Duran & The Unsittables     
Fountain of Ruth (S02E16)Disney Channel 8:30pm
The Adventures of Paddington     
Paddington Goes Green (S02E28)Nick Jr. 8:30pm
ZOMBIES: Addison's Monster Mystery     
Perfect Harmony (S02E06)Disney Channel 8:55pm
Sat 30 Oct
Power Rangers     
Storm Surge (S28E15)Nickelodeon 07:00am
The Ghost and Molly McGee     
Mazel Tov, Libby! (S01E11)Disney Channel 09:00am
The Ghost and Molly McGee     
No Good Deed (S01E12)Disney Channel 09:15am
Side Hustle     
Al-Dude-isburg (S02E05)Nickelodeon 8:30pm