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Fri 03 Apr
Mira, Royal Detective     
The Undercover Princess Mystery (S01E07)Disney Junior 11:00am
Mira, Royal Detective     
Mystery at the Fashion Show (S01E08)Disney Junior 11:15am
Elena of Avalor     
Crash Course (S03E21)Disney Channel 1:30pm
Sun 05 Apr
The Snow Spider     
The Silver Ship (S01E02)CBBC 6:05pm
Mon 06 Apr
Ollie's Pack     
The Chosen One...Stinks (S01E01)Nickelodeon 4:00pm
Ollie's Pack     
Not Another Superhero Movie (S01E02)Nickelodeon 4:15pm
Tue 07 Apr
Ollie's Pack     
New Kid on Campus (S01E03)Nickelodeon 4:00pm
Ollie's Pack     
The Chosen One(s) (S01E04)Nickelodeon 4:15pm
Wed 08 Apr
Ollie's Pack     
Lord of the Caf (S01E05)Nickelodeon 4:00pm
Ollie's Pack     
Doom for Rent (S01E06)Nickelodeon 4:15pm
Motherland: Fort Salem     
Hail Beltane (S01E04)FreeForm 9:00pm
Thu 09 Apr
Ollie's Pack     
Sorry to Father You (S01E07)Nickelodeon 4:00pm
Ollie's Pack     
Race to Sploosh Mountain (S01E08)Nickelodeon 4:15pm
Survivor (S03E03)FreeForm 10:00pm
The Dead Files     
The Visitors (S12E11)Travel Channel 10:00pm
Fri 10 Apr
Mira, Royal Detective     
The Case of the Wrecked Recital (S01E09)Disney Junior 11:00am
Mira, Royal Detective     
The Case of the Vanishing Vessels (S01E10)Disney Junior 11:15am