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Tue 22 Sep
Ollie's Pack     
Slice of Life (S01E35)Nickelodeon 4:30pm
Ollie's Pack     
Goodnight, Sleep Fright (S01E36)Nickelodeon 4:45pm
Deadliest Catch     
Everything Changes (S16E23)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Wed 23 Sep
Ollie's Pack     
Ollie in the House (S01E37)Nickelodeon 4:30pm
Ollie's Pack     
The Ollie Files (S01E38)Nickelodeon 4:45pm
The 100     
The Dying of the Light (S07E15)The CW 8:00pm
Thu 24 Sep
Ollie's Pack     
Sour Power (S01E39)Nickelodeon 4:30pm
Ollie's Pack     
Birthday Shmirthday: A Cleo Badette Documentary (S01E40)Nickelodeon 4:45pm
Fri 25 Sep
Mira, Royal Detective     
A Mystery Fit for a Queen (S01E31)Disney Channel 08:30am
Paw Patrol     
Jet To The Rescue (S07E16)Nickelodeon 09:30am
Bering Sea Gold     
Up in Flames (S12E20)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
The Adventures of Paddington     
Paddington and the Lamppost (S01E41)Nick Jr. 8:30pm
100 Days Wild     
Hangry Days (S01E06)Discovery Channel 9:03pm
Sat 26 Sep
Monster Beach     
Jailhouse Mutt (S01E30)Cartoon Network 6:30pm
Sun 27 Sep
Bakugan: Battle Planet     
Superstar Dan (S02E53)Cartoon Network
Bakugan: Battle Planet     
Awesome Brawlers on Vacation (S02E54)Cartoon Network
Tigtone and the Murder Mystery at the Tournament (S02E06)Adult Swim 00:00am
Abby Hatcher     
Safety Officer (S02E26)Nick Jr. 10:00am
Abby Hatcher     
Abby Babysits Melvin (S02E27)Nick Jr. 10:15am
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu     
Queen Of The Munce (S13E29)Cartoon Network 11:00am
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu     
Trial By Mino (S13E30)Cartoon Network 11:15am
DC Super Hero Girls     
#thebirdandthebee (S01E48)Cartoon Network 4:00pm
DC Super Hero Girls     
#fantasticbeastsandhowtomindthem (S01E49)Cartoon Network 4:15pm
Monster Beach     
Monster Wrestling (S01E31)Cartoon Network 6:30pm
Alaskan Bush People     
A Bottle for Your Thoughts (S12E06)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Mon 28 Sep
DC Super Hero Girls     
#AwesomeAuntAntiope (S01E46)Cartoon Network 6:45pm
They Put a Moonlander on the Earth! (S03E09)Disney XD 7:00pm
Big Hero 6: The Series     
Mayor for a Day (S03E02)Disney XD 7:30pm
Big Hero 6: The Series     
The Dog Craze of Summer (S03E03)Disney XD 7:45pm
Tue 29 Sep
Monster Beach     
Short on Shorts (S01E32)Cartoon Network 6:30pm