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Wed 11 Dec
Alaskan Bush People     
Bears of a Feather (S11E02)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Just Go For It (S39E12)CBS 8:00pm
Digging for Britain     
WWII Special (S08E04)BBC Four 9:00pm
The Challenge     
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Cash (S34E16)MTV 9:00pm
Fri 13 Dec
The Rocketeer     
Downhill Derby (S01E07)Disney Channel 11:00am
The Rocketeer     
Flight Class Heroes (S01E08)Disney Channel 11:15am
Blue's Clues & You!     
Getting Glasses with Magenta (S01E09)Nick Jr. 12:00am
Gold Rush     
When the Levee Breaks (S10E10)Discovery Channel 9:00pm
Sat 14 Dec
Big City Greens     
Reckoning Ball (S02E08)Disney Channel 09:30am
Big City Greens     
Clubbed (S02E09)Disney Channel 09:45am
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu     
The Never-realm (S11E26)Cartoon Network 5:30pm
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu     
Fire Maker (S11E27)Cartoon Network 5:30pm
Steven Universe Future     
Bluebird (S01E05)Cartoon Network 7:00pm
Steven Universe Future     
A Very Special Episode (S01E06)Cartoon Network 7:00pm
Sun 15 Dec
Pup Academy     
The Stray's Last Day (S01E19)Disney Channel 10:00am
Shimmer and Shine     
Zeashell Surprise (S04E53)Nickelodeon 12:00am
Shimmer and Shine     
The Zahramay Zuffer-puff (S04E54)Nickelodeon 12:15am
Alaska: The Last Frontier     
Episode 11 (S09E11)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
His Dark Materials     
The Fight to the Death (S01E07)BBC One 9:00pm
Expedition Bigfoot     
Did You Hear That? (S01E02)Travel Channel 10:00pm
Star Wars Resistance     
Station to Station (S02E11)Disney Channel 10:00pm
Rick and Morty     
Rattlestar Ricklactica (S04E05)Adult Swim 11:30pm
Mon 16 Dec
Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways     
Crossing the Emerald Isle (S06E04)Channel 5 9:00pm
Tue 17 Dec
DC Super Hero Girls     
#TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre (S01E28)Cartoon Network 12:00am
The Curse of Oak Island     
Things That Go Bump-out (S07E07)History 9:00pm
Running Wild with Bear Grylls     
Channing Tatum in Gloppedalsura, Norway (S05E07)National Geographic Channel 10:00pm
Wed 18 Dec
DC Super Hero Girls     
#BackInAFlash (S01E29)Cartoon Network 12:00am
TBA (S39E13)CBS 8:00pm
Survivor Reunion Special (S39E14)CBS 10:00pm
Thu 19 Dec
DC Super Hero Girls     
#PowerSurge (S01E30)Cartoon Network 12:00am