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Tue 23 Apr
101 Dalmatian Street     
The Nose Job - Part One (S01E16)Disney Channel
Winx Club     
Trapped on Prometia (S08E07)Nickelodeon 07:00am
Max & Ruby     
Let It Snow (S10E04)Nick Jr. 08:45am
Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild     
Morocco (S10E02)Channel 5 9:00pm
Deadliest Catch     
Price of Punishment (S15E03)Discovery Channel 9:00pm
Wed 24 Apr
101 Dalmatian Street     
The Nose Job - Part Two (S01E17)Disney Channel
Winx Club     
Into the Depths on Andros (S08E08)Nickelodeon 07:00am
Fasten Your Seatbelts (S38E10)CBS 8:00pm
The Challenge     
Lost in Translation (S33E12)MTV 9:00pm
The Amazing Race     
Knock the Newbie out of Us (S31E02)CBS 9:00pm
Thu 25 Apr
101 Dalmatian Street     
My Fair Dolly (S01E18)Disney Channel
Winx Club     
The Light of Gorgol (S08E09)Nickelodeon 07:00am
Paw Patrol     
Pups Save Mayor Goodway's Purse (S06E10)Nickelodeon 09:30am
DC Super Hero Girls     
#SliverScream (S01ENone)Cartoon Network 4:00pm
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger     
Alignment Chart (S02E05)FreeForm 8:00pm
The Orville     
The Road Not Taken (S02E14)FOX 9:00pm
Fri 26 Apr
Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures     
TBA (S01E26)Disney XD
Winx Club     
Hydra Awakens (S08E10)Nickelodeon 07:00am
PJ Masks     
Armadylan and Robette Rule (S03E03)Disney Channel 09:00am
PJ Masks     
Armadylan Zen (S03E04)Disney Channel 09:00am
Paw Patrol     
Pups Save The Honey (S06E09)Nickelodeon 09:30am
No-go + High-voltage + Rescue (S03E20)CBS 8:00pm
Ghost Adventures     
The Woodbury: Home Of American Horror Story (S18E06)Travel Channel 9:00pm
Gold Rush: Parker's Trail     
The Monster Mine (S03E04)Discovery Channel 9:00pm
Sat 27 Apr
Bakugan: Battle Planet     
Career Opportunities; Punch the Clock (S01E23)Cartoon Network
Milo Murphy's Law     
First Impressions (S02E31)Disney Channel 07:00am
Milo Murphy's Law     
The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event (S02E32)Disney Channel 07:00am
Elena of Avalor     
Luna's Big Leap (S02E23)Disney Channel 09:00am
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic     
The Point of No Return (S09E05)Discovery Family 11:30am
Sun 28 Apr
Star vs. the Forces of Evil     
Doop-Doop (S04E25)Disney XD 08:00am
Star vs. the Forces of Evil     
Britta's Tacos (S04E26)Disney XD 08:00am
Star vs. the Forces of Evil     
Beach Day (S04E27)Disney XD 08:00am
Star vs. the Forces of Evil     
Gone Baby Gone (S04E28)Disney XD 08:00am
Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty     
The Return of Mighty Meow and Super Lucha (S01E29)Nickelodeon 11:30am
Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty     
Grumplestiltskin (S01E30)Nickelodeon 11:30am
Game of Thrones     
TBA (S08E03)HBO 9:00pm
Savage Kingdom     
War Games (S03E04)National Geographic Channel 10:00pm
Mon 29 Apr
101 Dalmatian Street     
Flea-Mageddon (S01E19)Disney Channel
Winx Club     
Treasures of Syderia (S08E11)Nickelodeon 07:00am
Teen Titans Go!     
Lil' Dimples (S05E30)Cartoon Network 6:00pm
Blood Drenched Stone (S02E06)History 10:00pm
Into the Badlands     
Requiem for the Fallen (S03E15)AMC 10:00pm
Tue 30 Apr
Winx Club     
Surprise Party on Earth (S08E12)Nickelodeon 07:00am
The 100     
Sanctum (S06E01)The CW 9:00pm
Deadliest Catch     
Episode 4 (S15E04)Discovery Channel 9:00pm
The Curse of Oak Island     
Lost And Founding (S06E22)History 9:00pm
Wed 01 May
101 Dalmatian Street     
Dal-Martians (S01E20)Disney Channel
Winx Club     
Valtor's Shadow (S08E13)Nickelodeon 07:00am
Awkward (S38E11)CBS 8:00pm
The Amazing Race     
Leg 3 (S31E03)CBS 9:00pm