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Thu 07 Dec
TBA (S2023E07)SVT1
TBA (S03E01)Netflix
Mountain Men: Alaska     
Cold Pursuit (S01E05)History 8:00pm
Fri 08 Dec
TBA (S2023E08)SVT1
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters     
The Way Out (S01E05)Apple TV+
7 vs. Wild     
Folge 12 (S03E12)Amazon Freevee
Rey Mysterio vs La Oscuridad     
TBA (S01E01)Cartoon Network
Gold Rush     
Frankendozer (S14E11)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
Bering Sea Gold     
A Murky Future (S17E10)Discovery Channel 9:04pm
Sat 09 Dec
TBA (S2023E09)SVT1
The Famous Five     
The Curse of Kirrin Island (S01E01)CBBC 5:25pm
Doctor Who     
The Giggle (S01ENone)BBC One 6:30pm
Episode 13 (S01E13)BBC One 9:00pm
Sun 10 Dec
TBA (S2023E10)SVT1
Episode 14 (S01E14)BBC One 8:00pm
Rick and Morty     
Mort: Ragnarick (S07E09)Adult Swim 11:00pm
Aqua Teen Hunger Force     
Get Lit Upon A Situpon (S12E04)Adult Swim 11:30pm
Mon 11 Dec
TBA (S2023E11)SVT1
Tue 12 Dec
TBA (S2023E12)SVT1
7 vs. Wild     
Folge 13 (S03E13)Amazon Freevee
The Curse of Oak Island     
The Grand Opening (S11E06)History 9:00pm
Wed 13 Dec
TBA (S2023E13)SVT1
The Ex-Girlfriend at the Wedding (S45E12)CBS 8:00pm
The Challenge     
A Banana Split (S39E09)MTV 8:00pm
Expedition Unknown     
Chasing Bonnie and Clyde (S12E05)Discovery Channel 9:00pm
The Amazing Race     
A Sunset, Seattle Scramble (S35E12)CBS 9:30pm
Thu 14 Dec
TBA (S2023E14)SVT1
Dragons: The Nine Realms     
How to Train Jörmungandr (S08E01)Peacock
Dragons: The Nine Realms     
The Great Foster Fake-Out (S08E02)Peacock
Dragons: The Nine Realms     
Science Vs. Nature (S08E03)Peacock
Dragons: The Nine Realms     
Of Gods and Monsters (S08E04)Peacock
Dragons: The Nine Realms     
Ragnarok: Part 1 (S08E05)Peacock
Dragons: The Nine Realms     
Ragnarok: Part 2 (S08E06)Peacock