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Fri 14 Aug
Mid-Air Care (S02E04)Disney Channel 09:00am
The Itsy Bitsy Baby (S02E05)Disney Channel 09:15am
Puppy Dog Pals     
Pups in the Apple (S03E37)Disney Channel 09:30am
Puppy Dog Pals     
Won't You Be My Puppy (S03E38)Disney Channel 09:45am
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles     
Finale Part 4: Rise (S02E19)Nickelodeon 10:15am
Sydney to the Max     
Look Who's Rocking (S02E20)Disney Channel 8:00pm
Coop & Cami Ask the World     
Would You Wrather Move? (S02E27)Disney Channel 8:23pm
Jack Whitehall's Sporting Nation     
Glorious Failure (S01E06)BBC One 8:30pm
Ruth & Ruby's Ultimate Sleepover Challenges     
True Confessions Challenge (S2020E01)Disney Channel 8:47pm
8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown     
Daisy May Cooper, Richard Ayoade, Ivo Graham, Adam Buxton, Joe Wilkinson (S20E03)Channel 4 9:00pm
Sat 15 Aug
Big City Greens     
Gabriella's Fella (S02E30)Disney Channel 8:00pm
Danger Force     
Danger Force Troll Smackdown (S01ENone)Nickelodeon 8:00pm
Night Monster (S10E15)Me-TV 8:00pm
Big City Greens     
Cheap Show (S02E31)Disney Channel 8:11pm
Marcy at the Gates (S02E11)Disney Channel 8:22pm
All That     
Episode 1133 (S01E33)Nickelodeon 8:35pm
The Owl House     
Wing It Like Witches (S01E17)Disney Channel 8:44pm
Sun 16 Aug
YOLO: Crystal Fantasy     
A Very Extremely Very Yolo Christmas: Reloaded (S01E03)Adult Swim
YOLO: Crystal Fantasy     
The Terry Cup (S01E04)Adult Swim
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver     
Episode 200 (S07E21)HBO 11:00pm
Mon 17 Aug
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood     
Daniel's Substitute Teacher (S05E01)PBS 2:30pm
Penn & Teller: Fool Us     
Penn's Stupid Rope Trick (S07E07)The CW 9:00pm
American Dad!     
Businessly Brunette (S16E19)TBS 10:00pm
Amy Schumer Learns to Cook     
Fresh, Not Frozen And Kids Menu (S01E05)Food Network 10:00pm
Chanel and Sterling CLXXX (S17E19)MTV 10:00pm
Tue 18 Aug
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood     
Prince Wednesday's Accident; Daniel and Miss Elaina's Kite Accident (S05E02)PBS 2:30pm
Chanel and Sterling CLXXXI (S17E20)MTV 10:00pm
Wed 19 Aug
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood     
Quiet Time at School; Naptime in Blanket City (S05E03)PBS 2:30pm
United We Fall     
The Weekend (S01E07)ABC 8:00pm
The Soup     
Episode 10 (S13E10)E! 10:00pm
Chanel and Sterling CLXXXII (S17E21)MTV 10:00pm
The Wind of God (S03E05)Comedy Central 10:30pm
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee     
August 19, 2020 (S05E19)TBS 10:30pm
Thu 20 Aug
Star Trek: Lower Decks     
Temporal Edict (S01E03)CBS All Access
The Fungies     
TBA (S01E01)HBO Max
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood     
The Fire Drill; Daniel and Mom Go to the Market (S05E04)PBS 2:30pm
A League of Their Own     
Andy Murray, Helen Skelton, Rob Beckett, Jimmy Carr (S15E01)Sky 1 9:00pm
Chrisley Knows Best     
Everlasting Todd (S08E08)USA Network 9:00pm
Russian (S01E03)BBC Two 9:30pm
Fish (S01E04)BBC Two 9:45pm
Episode 3 (S01E03)BBC Two 10:00pm
Ghosted (S03E08)FXX 10:00pm
Tacoma FD     
The Firefighter's Ball: Part 2 (S02E11)truTV 10:00pm
Chanel and Sterling CLXXXIII (S17E22)MTV 10:00pm
Fri 21 Aug
Muppet Babies     
Sherlock Nose (S02E41)Disney Channel 08:30am
Muppet Babies     
Block Busters (S02E42)Disney Channel 08:45am
The Big Little Baby (S02E06)Disney Channel 09:00am
The Super Secret Mission (S02E07)Disney Channel 09:15am
Paw Patrol     
Pups Save The Skydivers (S07E13)Nickelodeon 09:30am
Paw Patrol     
Pups Save The Cupcakes (S07E14)Nickelodeon 09:45am
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood     
Daniel Waits With Dad; Margaret's New Shoes (S05E05)PBS 2:30pm
Sydney to the Max     
Thirteen Candles (S02E21)Disney Channel 8:00pm
8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown     
Episode 4 (S20E04)Channel 4 9:00pm
Summer Celebration (S17E23)MTV 10:00pm