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Wed 25 May
Music's Greatest Mysteries     
Cold War, Collectible and Kylies (S02E10)AXS TV 8:00pm
Expedition X     
Episode 1 (S05E01)Discovery Channel 8:00pm
See No Evil     
Driven to Murder (S09E04)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Thu 26 May
The Flight Attendant     
Backwards and Forwards (S02E08)HBO Max
The Staircase     
Red in Tooth and Claw (S01E06)HBO Max
Under the Banner of Heaven     
Revelation (S01E06)Hulu
Mysteries of the Abandoned     
Psychiatric Ruins of Scotland (S09E12)Science 9:00pm
Fri 27 May
Idrottsstjärnans fall (S04E08)SVT1 6:45pm
Divine Secrets of the O.G. Sisterhood (S04E11)The CW 8:00pm
The UnXplained     
Superhuman Feats (S04E09)History 9:00pm
A Haunting     
Haunted Homecoming (S12E13)Travel Channel 9:00pm
Sun 29 May
Midsomer Murders     
Midsomer Murders - 25 Years of Mayhem (S22ENone)ITV 7:00pm
Midsomer Murders     
Scarecrow Murders (S22E04)ITV 8:00pm
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven: Blue Collar (S06E16)The CW 8:00pm
American Monster     
Tell Me You Love Me (S08E01)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Mon 30 May
Mira, Royal Detective     
The Mystery of the Royal Flight (S02E53)DisneyNOW
Tue 31 May
Tom Swift     
…And The Liftoff To Saturn (S01E01)The CW
Wed 01 Jun
See No Evil     
One Last Ride (S09E05)Investigation Discovery 9:00pm
Thu 02 Jun
The Staircase     
Seek and Ye Shall (S01E07)HBO Max
Under the Banner of Heaven     
Blood Atonement (S01E07)Hulu